Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Log 25-Apr to 1-May-2016

On the Internet and in e-mails, I regularly come across Top 10 lists of one sort or another.  I'm often a sucker for reading them and typically not really relating to them.  This week, I got an e-mail that I did relate to:  a list from MapMyRun of Top 12 things runners shouldn't have to apologize for, and that non-runners just don't get.  Here are the top four I can relate to; can anyone else relate to these?

1. Not going out on Friday night.
We have a long run in the morning. Obviously.

6. Spending hours poring over our post-run data.
Stats we accumulated on MapMyRun Strava are the only thing we want to spend time with after a run. Splits and segments and new distance records, oh my!

7. Always eating second breakfast.
We run at 6, eat breakfast at 7:30, and are starving again by 9:15. It’s called second breakfast, people. Get into it.

11. Indulging in weekend naps.
Sure, we could be doing something more productive. But we wake up early all week and just got back from a training run, and if we’re going to make it to that 8 p.m. dinner res we’re going to need some quality shut-eye first.

Monday:  6
Barn Island lunch run.

Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  9
Cold morning on the Blue Heron Trail.  32 degree start.  Frost covered slippery bog bridges.

Thursday:  8
Matthew was headed off on a school trip to Washington, DC, and rather than a miss of day of running, asked if I'd run with him at 4:30am.  Sounded crazy to me at first (readers will note my replacing a job in Boston with one in Westerly ended my 4:30am run days).  Then I thought that if he was that dedicated and expressed an interest in me running with him, there was no good reason not to honor the request.  So off we went.  As usual, once I got started, I was fine and even enjoying the run.

Friday:  5
Solo Bradford Preserve trail run at lunch.  Easy pace.

Saturday:  18
Tough solo run.  Easy 2 miles, then 14 at MP, finishing up with another 2 miles.  Was really pleased with myself that I was able to keep each of the 14 miles at 6:30 pace or less.  However, this was on mostly flat surfaces; the test will be on upcoming hill climbs.

Sunday:  0
Needed rest day.  Sore.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  46

Weekly synopsis:  Happy with the intentional lower mileage.  Highlight was the Saturday long run workout.

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  1. Naps and Second Breakfast rule! Although I consider it lunch and then what ever gets consumed mid after noon is a 'snack'. Good week!