Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weekly Log 16-May to 22-May-2016: Recovery

Pretty beat up from the Sugarloaf Marathon.  Running will be light in mileage the next week or two, and even that probably not back in the 50+ range for a while as it's time to add in riding and swimming.

To that end, it was time to update the schedule and register for races near-term:  2016 Events

Monday:  0
 Sore!  Limping a bit.

Tuesday:  0
Limping is gone, soreness remains.

Wednesday:  5
 Running in Chicago.  Almost 9-minute miles, but couldn't pass it up.
Mostly sunny on Lakeshore Trail

More lively than Beth's metal goose

Thursday:  5
 Conference fun run.  So wanted to stay with the faster pack, but they were running low 6s, and it wasn't happening for me.  More sore than yesterday.

Friday:  0
 Last day in Chicago.  Normally try to get in every day when I'm at a destination, especially when no plans to return, but the legs told me they really needed a break.

Saturday: 0
16 mile beach RIDE.  That was fun, and easy on the legs.

Sunday: 8
Groton Cross Town Trail.  Fun run with Matthew.  So good to run soft surfaces (mostly) after 26 miles of asphalt on Sunday, and then two consecutive runs on concrete in Chicago.
Tough crossing this bridge!

This one: not so much.

Rock gardens galore! 

Beebe Pond in surreal fog.

Towns End:  picturesque trail terminus 

Weekly mileage:
Run:  19
Bike:  16

Weekly synopsis:  Slower than expected on the marathon recovery.

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