Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Log 9-May to 15-May-2016: Tapir or Taper?

I've heard that you should have a tapir before a marathon,
but what exactly am I supposed to do with this thing?

Monday:  5
 Sunny lunch run to Misquamicut and back.  70 degrees!

Tuesday:  5
Resisting the urge to go on the trails this week.  Don't wake to leave it to chance of an ankle twist or trip.  Ran on lower Pawcatuck roads.  Highlight was a gray fox crossing my path.

Wednesday:  7
 Easy paced miles in Needham, MA, except two miles in the middle at 6:25 and 6:10.  Everything remaining for the few days before the marathon will be intentionally slower.

Thursday:  5
 Lunch time run from the Westerly Y on the Springbrook loop.

Friday:  0
 Total rest day.  Two days out.  Repeatedly checking out the weather in Maine.

Saturday: 3
Sugarloaf Shake-out.

Sunday: 26
Sugarloaf Marathon.  Tough.  Full write-up coming very soon.

Weekly mileage:
Run:  52

Weekly synopsis:  Taper (or tapir?) week culminating with a marathon that was quite tough for me.  Some time off now, followed by prepping for fun summer runs and tris.

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