Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Log 13-Mar to 19-Mar-2017: Last week of winter

I like Hammie. I think he and I would have a good time on a very muddy trail run.

Monday:  4
Easy recovery run before heading up to Warwick to support Matthew reaping his various awards for the indoor season.

Tuesday:  5
Work closed for a snowstorm (although I still had a few hours of work to get in remotely).  This was a hyped up snowstorm that I got myself all excited for, as predictions just two days prior were in the feet.  Unfortunately, it turned into about three inches and then a horrible rainstorm.
Got out when it was snowing and had fun in Champlin; started to change over on my way back.
Mid-March snowfall.
Guessing one of the last ones this season.

Startled a couple of birds over a very rough Winnapaug Pond.

Wednesday:  5
I had my snowshoes and YakTrax in the car, but since the lawn is all green, didn't really expect anything when I went over to Wahaneeta late afternoon.  Driving up the dirt road, I could see the ground in the woods was completely covered in white!  It won't last long as there are only a few inches, but I was excited nonetheless.  Loop in Woody Hill, including over the flooded dam, where both feet went in the drink!  Great fun running in the snow.
Really fun out on the trails!

Replaced some broken carbide spikes
on my Yak-trax Run just in time:
went right up over this steep
ice-covered rock.

Fell in the drink trying to cross this frozen swollen dam crossing!

Surprised this camouflaged guy with the long beak
allowed me to get so close.
Maybe Muddy or someone from the Hammett clan can identify?

 Thursday:  6
Met up with Polly and Muddy after work to tour the new site of our WTAC holiday party and ask questions.  Looking good; I'm excited about this!
Afterwards, toured Bradford streets and trails and ran on an abandoned railroad trestle track from Quarry Road to North Woody Hill Road.  It was likely a spur from the quarry to the main Amtrak line running through Bradford, but I could not find anything more with either a GIS or Google search.

Friday:  8
Late afternoon 'round the pond run in very warm and sunny 45 degree weather.  Felt great running on the beach for about 3 miles.

Saturday:  18
Two 4 mile sections of MP (or slightly faster) interspersed into a hilly run with over 1,100 feet of climbing.  The first 4-mile MP section was relatively easy, but the second one was challenging and tough keep up the pace.  It was good to have Tommy to work off.  Pretty sure I wouldn't have completed this solo, or at least not at the same effort and pace.  6:44 overall pace.

Sunday:  0
Really sore and tired after yesterday's run.  Took the full day off.

Weekly mileage:  45

Weekly synopsis:  Still less mileage than I was looking for, but on the bright side I did get back to a serious training run.  One more hard long run coming up next weekend, and then we start to taper.

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  1. American Woodcock...listen for their nasally "peet" sounds early pre-sunrise and around sunset. I love those little bastards.