Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekly Log 6-Mar to 12-Mar-2017: Manhattan and Snow Race

I had been writing my blog entries almost every day faithfully, and then just posting at end of week.  Falling behind again, and now I need to reconstruct from Strava.  Kind of defeats the purpose and interest.  Let's catch back up quickly ...

Monday:  0
Very soft from yesterday's Ocean Run Half.

Tuesday:  6
Barn Island in the rain at lunch.

Wednesday:  7
Adams Farm, Dover, MA.  Such a fun, twisty place here.  After about 5 miles in, I realized I was totally disoriented and repeating some of the same trails, and whipped out the cell phone to orient myself and get back to the car.
Very twisty trails to follow!

Twisting through the trees.

Evidently some mountain biking feature.

Thursday:  6
Mostly  road run from Westerly Town Forest, CCW on Potter Hill - Laurel into Ashaway, and back via Boombridge.

Friday:  3
Didn't get up when I planned.  Short shakeout before heading to New York City to watch Matthew run a 15:35 in the 5K at New Balance National Indoors.  His performance was 15th fastest in the nation this year.  You can see his 2-minute post-race interview if you scroll down halfway on this page:  Milesplit RI Nationals coverage
The Armory, Manhattan.
Pristine track, plus a jumbo-tron display for standings and replays.

Cool banked track.  I guess these are "hills" for track runners?

Saturday:  9
Belleville Pond 10K.  Such a blast!  Write-up forthcoming shortly.

Sunday:  0
Lazy wimp.  Ate and drank too much, slept in after daylight savings change, had no motivation to run.  Shameful.  Losing interest in long road runs; hopefully Tommy can keep me engaged between now and the marathon.

Weekly mileage:  32

Weekly synopsis:  Lowest mileage week in 5 months.  Also, lost a CR in Italy by one second, and this one was legit.  No plans to ever go back to Rome, so that one is a goner.  One left in Italy.  If there was a bright side to my low mileage week, it was the whole reason I skipped the weekend long run in the first place:  SNOW race in Ryan Park.  Very cool; now back to business - marathon in 5 weeks.


  1. Since when is eating and drinking too much one day out of 365 shameful???

    1. Thanks Beth. Tend to beat myself up when I fall off the wagon, but you do have a live bit too. Everything in moderation.