Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Log 20-Mar to 26-Mar-2017: Final Long Training Run

Monday:  4
Had fun running in the woods from Bradford Preserve into Woody, but just couldn't get myself going for a sustained period of time.  Warm day in the 50s, and I stopped numerous times to check out animals, potential trails, etc.  At one point, I came closer to examine a fresh big pile of shelled acorns.  All of a sudden, from under the pile, a big portly mouse waddled out and away.  Like the mouse, it's about time to lose my buildup of winter fat and shed a few pounds.
OK, maybe not this fat, but he certainly wasn't spry.

Tuesday:  5
Barn Island:  still one of my favorite places to run.  Today I opted to run some single-tracks crossing the interior of Barn Island that I hadn't been on in over a year. So much fun on the twisty stuff.

Wednesday:  5
Hale Reservation, Dover, MA.  In last week's biggest disappointment of the winter season, a forecasted blizzard with 20" of snow turned out to be a complete dud with mostly rain in RI.  Up here, though, they at least got 10" of snow before it changed to rain, so the conditions today were 6" of frozen snow.  Had brought an arsenal of various equipment including snowshoes, and after initially slipping and sliding in just trail shoes, went back for the Yak-Trax.
Tough going, but beautiful in the snowy solitude.

Sunrise reflecting on partially thawed pond.

Really tough work.  At 28 degrees, I normally wear a hat, but left it in the car knowing I'd quickly be working up a sweat.  Eventually got into a groove and had fun on what most likely will be my last snow run until next winter.

Thursday:  5
Easy loop from Wahaneeta, CCW around the Woody Hill Dam.  The waters have receded enough to actual make a crossing without falling in the drink.

Friday:  6
AM:  In the moron department, I had an hour available for running before an Arcadia Y meeting.  Dressed in running clothes, packed a towel and change of work clothes and off we go to run Sammy C's.  Drive 20 minutes to the trailhead - what's missing?  Running shoes!!!  I actually pulled this moronic stunt last fall as well, but that time I was able to salvage it by running barefoot because it I had a grass field adjacent to the trailhead and it was about 45 degrees.  27 degrees and technical trails this morning - not happening barefoot.  Too many "senior moments" lately.

PM:  Returned late afternoon better equipped.  Ran the new BRR "long course" out, and the "short course" back.  Redemption!

Saturday:  21!
Final long training run, a tough and challenging course with Tommy 5K.  Starting at his house with two very different runs put together:  1) 10 miles of flat roads mostly in Quonochontaug, and 2) 11 miles on near constant hills ending at Bradford Boat Launch.
In the first 10 miles, Tommy and I were telling each other to slow the pace more than once as it would have been easy to run a bit faster (than the average 6:48 we were running) but we were going for a controlled pace to simulate marathon start.  In the second half of the run, there was no problem controlling the pace as the constant onslaught of hills, with four of them more than 100' climb, slowed us down.  Tiring, but we got it done.  Now taper for 3 weeks until the marathon.

Sunday:  6
Back to the BRR course with Matthew.  It's going to be a fun race.

Weekly mileage:  53

Weekly synopsis:  A really challenging and tough run to end out the long training runs.  This was my 5th 20+ miler this training cycle, so I've got the long runs in.  What I didn't get in was the weekly volume and mid-week middle distance runs.  Always easy to find excuses, but at this point it is what it is, and with 3 weeks to go and counting, the taper starts.


  1. Ah well I forget sports bras and keep an extra in my desk drawer, you may want to throw a spare pare of old running shoes in the car for that just in case!!! Wait what weight? you? Ha!

    1. I'd need a spare pair of shoes, socks, towel, Garmin watch, etc!
      Added about 5 pounds since the holiday season. Always easier to put on than it is to take off.