Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekly Log 27-Feb to 5-Mar-2016: Ocean's Week

Reducing the mileage this week, coming into the half-marathon on Sunday.

Monday:  0
Sore.  Planned day off.

Tuesday:  0
Double zero.  Wimp.

Wednesday:  6
Hale Reservation, Dover, MA.  Snow-shoed here two weeks ago in over a foot of snow.  Today not a trace of snow.  Ran my usual starting trails and then veered off in search of the connector trail over to another trail system, Noanet Woodlands.  After zigging and zagging, I was psyched to get onto the mystical yellow-blazed trail.  It was like I had found the yellow-brick road.  Would like to connect the two some day and get in a good 10-miler or more, but unfortunately it was time to finish the run and get to work.

Thursday:  5
Noon run at Woody Hill.  Stuck to northern Woody today.  Probably my favorite place to run in Westerly.

Friday:  5
Big River.  Since I was working in Providence today, this seemed like a good place to run on my way home.  Hadn't been here in a long time, and I forgot how cool some of the single-track is.  It never fails that I get lost here, and anticipating that, I always bring my phone.  Surprisingly, I only had to whip out my phone once to gauge which direction to go in to get back.  There are some really cool single-track trails in here.

Saturday:  4
Easy shake-out on local roads.

Sunday:  14
Frigid Ocean's Run Half.  Write-up forthcoming shortly.

Weekly Mileage:  35

Weekly Synopsis:  Lowest mileage week in a while, but I knew that coming into it.  Was dreading the Ocean's Run the latter part of the week, due to very cold and windy conditions.  Glad that's in the rearview mirror.  Six weeks to Newport now.  Two 20-milers left, and probably a hard 16-miler in between.

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