Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekly Log 17-Jul to 23-Jul-2017

Blog catch-up.  Three weeks behind.  Ugh.  No one to blame but myself.

Monday:  8
Back to work Monday after 16 days off.  Solo 'round the pond.

Tuesday: 11
AM:  7 miles.  Descending ladder drill with Tom.  Matthew ran his own, but hung with us.  From Old Town Beach out to Ocean View Highway and back, with a refreshing jump in the ocean at end.  Saw a young coyote at intersection of Ocean View and Browning.
PM:  4 miles.  Stonington Fun Run.

Wednesday:  8
Turned 53 years young today.  After run a 50K on my 50th birthday, 51K total but not contiguous on my 51st, and running up Mount Esja (Iceland) on my 52nd, I had nothing to top it with this year.  Not complaining; just came back from an amazing natural trip in Alaska and had two weeks off from work.  Will plan future birthday adventures, but none this time around.

AM:  5 miles.  Adams Farm, Walpole, MA.  Deerfly assault.
PM:  3 miles.  Westerly Fun Run.  Good to be back to these.  I missed them.

Thursday: 6
Bradford Preserve and Woody.

Defending myself against deerflies by wearing a shirt (I so prefer singlets
in the summer heat) and my Nipmuck Trail Marathon buff.
Mikey said I look like a thug, Crutch said mafia, and Tommy said ghetto.
Whatever works!

Friday:  12
AM:  5 mile Burlingame dirt road / trail run with Tommy, followed by a 1,000 yard swim in Watchaug Pond.
PM:  7 miles at Groton Fun Run, including warm-up and cool-down.

Saturday:  13
Warm, humid run with Tom, Matthew, Mikey, and his friend Eric.  Goal was to run 5 miles in the middle at target Blessing pace.  I was shooting for about a 6-flat pace, but disappointingly ran progressively slower.  Impromptu stop at Cooked Goose on the way back, where they were kind of to provide 5 sweaty runners with glasses of ice water.

Sunday:  6
After a nice 30-mile group ride in the morning, still had enough energy for a solo barefoot beach run mid-afternoon at low tide.  Nice way to finish out the week.

Weekly mileage:  65

Weekly synopsis:  Other than my laziness with blog writing and disappointing pace on the Saturday workout, always happy when I can get in a 60+ mile week.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'll go with wanna be thug.