Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekly Log 23-Jul to 30-Jul-2017

Monday:  6
Run in the rain downtown at lunch.

Tuesday:  10
AM:  5 on B-game trails with Tommy, followed by a 1/2 mile swim in Watchaug.
PM:  5 at Stonington Fun Runs.

Wednesday:  9
AM:  1/2 mile trail fail.  Blue Heron Trail.  Just too overgrown.
PM:  5 miles at Arcadia, on single-track Hudson Trail from 165 to Heartbreak Pond, CCW around pond, and back.  Followed up with 3 at Westerly Fun Run #6.  Slowest fun run of the year at 21:04 for the 5K, given that Blessing is 2 days away.

Thursday:  4
Slow and easy Blessing shake-out on local roads.

Friday:  11
The Blessing.  My 15th in a row.  Write-up to follow.

Saturday:  5
Recovery / reconnaissance at Wahaneeta.  Sore legs.

Sunday:  7
Bike:  28 miles with Chris and Mikey through Stonington.
Run:  7 with Matthew combining Grills Hopkinton and Westerly tracts.
Swim:  1/4 solo open ocean at East Beach, Charlestown.

Weekly mileage:  53

Weekly synopsis:  I'm doing a much better job keeping up my running then I am keeping up my blog!

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