Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly Log 6-Nov to 12-Nov-2017

Monday:  6
NST from Baker Pines Road, Richmond.  Continuing Jonathan Short's fall segment contest, this is #2 of 5 for me.  Never been here before.  Well enough marked, but I got off course at a blown-down tree blocking the trail.  Fairly technical.

I had a lot of sliding and slipping here on wet rocks.
Much more technical than I had expected.
Tuesday:  13
AM:  5 miles in Cranston.  Working in Cranston for the day, I parked at the Cranston Y and ran a mix of bike path, roads, and cemetery dirt roads, where I visited my father, grandparents, and ancestors.
PM:  8 miles at Beach Pond, Exeter, RI/Voluntown, CT.  Ran segment #3 of 5 and despite getting off course twice, still took the CR.  I suspect it won't last long.

Deep in the woods south of Beach Pond.
Is this where they hid the bodies?

Circumnavigating Beach Pond on Tippecansett Trail.
Wednesday:  5
Afternoon run from Bradford Preserve into Woody.  This is the first week post-DST, and we lost an hour of daylight.  Brought my headlamp, which proved a smart move given that it got very dark halfway into my run.

Thursday:  0
Unplanned day off.

Friday:  9
AM:  5-mile run through Champlin and Mastuxet trails.
PM:  4-mile run in Belfast, Maine, with Matthew.  27 degrees was the afternoon high, and it was very windy.

Saturday:  7
Camden, Maine.  18 degrees!  Chilly, but fun mountain run in Camden Hills, including Mount Battie and Ocean Lookout.  Would like to come back in the summer and spend more time on these trails.
The climb up Mount Battie
from Route 52 was
certainly steep and technical.
The tower atop Mount Battie.
Haven't been up here in a number of
years since we camped at Camden.
It looks redone, or at least refinished.


Fun running up the rocks.
The trail signs were very well placed at intersections.
Between the trail signs and a PDF course map I had
pre-loaded on my phone, I felt very comfortable navigating
these trails.
View from atop appropriately named "Ocean Lookout".
Did not tarry long here, as the fingers and toes were getting cold.
Back in Camden village, you can see picturesque
Camden Harbor in the foreground, with the hills I climbed in the background.

Sunday:  5
Spent three hours with Matthew at Urgent Care, as he had ankle issues for a few weeks, but now hobbling.  They suspect a strained ligament, put him on crutches, and referred him to an orthopedic specialist.  Hope it clears up for him before indoor season.

In the afternoon, I headed out for segment #4 of 5:  "Canonchet North", the Narragansett Trail from Canonchet Road to North Road.  If you're familiar with this section, you'll know that this is rather technical.  Came out of it with a bloodied elbow and a raspberry on my derriere from sliding on rocks, but that's the price you pay.  Missed the CR by 34 seconds.

Weekly mileage:  46

Weekly synopsis:  46 isn't bad, but absent any specific goals, it's hard to measure.  It was fun to run 3 of the 5 segments this week.  All were technical for some sections.  I only have one left now, but will probably go back to a few to try to improve.  It's just a fun informal contest, but it has inspired me to get out there, so that's good.

Weekly highlight:  Maine mountain run, by far.  That completes the New England circuit for me, and this was the 2nd consecutive year that I have run in all six New England states.  Running in different locales is just so much fun, and New England is a pretty nice place to be.

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