Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 in Review; 2018 Goals

With 2017 in the rear view mirror, let's start off with reviewing goals, copied verbatim from a year ago, and how I fared:
  • Mileage:  2,400.  Time to up it again!  Success!  2,571 miles logged in 2017 is my most ever!
  • Marathon:  Run a spring marathon.  Not signed up for any yet, but Ocean's Run (Westerly) and Newport Rhode Races are both possibilities.  Success!  Ran the Newport Marathon, with Tommy, as my 19th marathon.  2:58:59.
  • Run at least one new trail race.  Success!  Ran 3 new trail races:  Exeter Trail Race, Pioneer Ridge Vertical Mile, Bimbler's Bluff 50K.
  • Run a destination race.  Success!  Two of them, both in Alaska:  Alaska Mens Run, Pioneer Ridge Vertical Mile.
  • Run a mountain trail race.  Success!  Loon Mountain Race and Pioneer Ridge Vertical Mile.
  • Run a 50K trail race.  Could this be the year?  Success!  Bimbler's Bluff 50K.
  • Document history of one of my favorite and most frequented running areas:  Woody Hill.  The WLT has requested that I research and write up the history on Wahaneeta, which I'll do but include adjacent Woody Hill and Sunnyacres Preserve.  Failure.  Not for lack of interest, but rather prioritization and time allocation.  Deferred into 2018.
Miscellaneous 2017 running stats:
  • Races run:  22 (2016: 29, 2015:  36)
  • Race breakdown by terrain:  Road - 8, Trail - 12, Beach - 1, Tri - 1
  • Age group wins:  18
  • Miles run:  2,571 - highest ever!  (2016:  2,340)
  • Elevation run:  192,644'  (most ever)
  • Most elevation gain in a single run:  5,265'
  • Hours run:  360 (2016:  313)
  • Days run:  315 (2016:  290)
  • Lowest mileage week:  22 (minor pain issues in late Oct)
  • Highest mileage week:  70
  • Highest mileage day:  32
  • Highest mileage run:  32 (Bimbler's Bluff 50K)
  • Longest running streak:  35 days
  • Longest non-running streak:  2 days
  • Number of deerflies killed during runs:  139
  • Most number of deerflies killed during a single run:  57
  • Number of deerflies eaten:  1
  • Deerfly kill season:  Jun 25 - Aug 31
  • Number of horseflies killed during runs:  1
  • Number of tickborne diseases:  1 (Anaplasmosis; had 3 different diseases in 2016, so I guess that's good?)
  • Number of segment CRs:  19 (although some of them subsequently stolen)
  • Number of states run in:  15 (including all New England states for the 3rd consecutive year)
  • Number of states first time run in:  4 (Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alaska)
  • Number of countries run in:  1 (first time I didn't leave the country in at least 10 years)
  • Run furthest from home:  Alaska
2017 Pictorial Review by Month:

Jan:  1st time in years I didn't race every month of the year
(had a conflict with Resolution), so no race pic.
Outside the stone fort at Woody is always one of my
favorite places, so this works.
(With Sam, Matthew, and my occasional canine trail running
partner, Riley)
Feb:  Looking fat at one of my favorite
trail races (Old Mountain Field)

Mar:  Ocean's Run frigid 13-degree
half marathon (no pics; scheduled photographer didn't show)

Apr:  Newport Marathon (2:58:59)
Great training and then running with Tom
for 21 of 26 miles
(The winter fat was apparently gone by now)

May:  Shad Bloom Trail Race, Block Island
Super happy with the WTAC turnout

Jun:  Exeter Trail Race, Exeter, NH
Thrilled to win my age group in the USATF-NE Championships
Jul:  Pioneer Ridge Vertical Mile
Palmer, Alaska
 Brutally tough, but awesome race
(Yes, this is July!)

Aug:  Stonington XC 5K
Our newest event was a huge success, with 150 total runners!
Sep:  Another good turnout and fun time
at the Stavros Beach Run

Oct:  Bimbler's Bluff 50K
First 50K!
Took a lot out of me, but "fun".
Nov:  26th annual Li'l Rhody;
my 14th straight year running it
Dec:  Return of the WTAC Jingle Bell Run
This time it had an interesting twist with being held on
trails, with trail markers lit up with LED lights.
Fresh-fallen snow was a bonus!
Hopefully next year the number of attendees at both
the run and new party format will increase.


Last year, Muddy commented that my deerfly total season counts
were immature, so this year I figured I would take it to a new low.

 Notable observations:

  • 2017 was the first year ever that I ran more trail races than road races.  This will likely become a trend with me.
  • Only did one tri this year, with a solo trip to Block Island.  Not sure if a bunch of people abandoned tris, or just an off year.  I do anticipate continuing tris myself, albeit they will never be the focus that running is.
  • Probably the highest number of states (15) that I've ever run in during a single year.  Most likely won't top that for a while.
  • Enjoyed running Jonathan Short's fall trail segments series.  Much like the Clamshell Series, it's all for fun, but does get you out there.
  • Most notable changes for WTAC events this year were:  1) adding a new Stonington XC 5K Fun Run, 2) adding an 8K distance to Run for the Pumpkins, and 3) changing holiday party venue to a private club in Bradford and adding Jingle Bell Run.  The first change (Stonington) drew the biggest numbers; hopefully the other two will increase over time.

2018 Goals:

  • Mileage:  2,600.  Time to up it again!
  • Marathon:  Run a spring marathon.  Not signed up for any yet, but a repeat at Newport (April) or Providence (May) are both possibilities.  On the other hand, would prefer not to drag marathon training out until May, and it also increase the risk of heat.
  • Run at least one new trail race.
  • Run a race that I've never run before (e.g., snowshoe, indoor, mud, etc).
  • Left over from 2016:  Document history of one of my favorite and most frequented running areas:  Woody Hill.  The WLT has requested that I research and write up the history on Wahaneeta, which I'll do but include adjacent Woody Hill and Sunnyacres Preserve.
  • Go on night headlamp group runs.
  • Run at least two of the USATF-NE mountain circuit races.  Sure, I'd like to run all 8, but let's start with something more practical.
  • Frequent big chain coffee shops less and independent coffee shops more.
  • Go camping at least one night.  I miss it.
 Happy New Year!  Happy running!

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  1. Awesome year! Great accomplishments and great job setting yourself up for success. Excellent goals! How are you going to measure independent coffee shops versus big chains? And what counts as independent? Is it a less DD and Starbucks and more Dave's, Bess Eaton, ummmm... I have to admit I can't think beyond those two... where would Cumby fit in because they have Green Mountain, which is a bit corporate, however a bit small biz... Look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2018! And yeah, coffee that's what I focus on... :)