Monday, May 28, 2012


North Stonington Education 5K.  Runners for support of education.
May 26, 2011.
Results19:10.  3rd overall, 1st in age group.
While I'm disappointed in not even breaking 19, I had a good time as runner and triathlete RD Bob Lohmann put on another quality run and family event and cookout.  Met up with a number of WTAC'ers, including Steve (with both of his kids running), Polly, John aka Pard, Buddy, Les, CarolAnn, Paul, and Colburn.  Felt bad hearing Colburn get asked why Laurie wasn't here today (she died last month). 
The start:  Mark (#35) and me (#34)
There was a fitting moment of silence for Laurie Lamb and then the gun went off.  I lined up with my son Mark and with eventual winner Jeff Duda (3:06 at Cox).  About five teenagers ran out ahead of us.  I knew I was in for a tough run about 1/4 mile in when the high humidity was getting to me.  This course being almost entirely rolling hills doesn't help.  Ran with Jeff D for about one mile (6:09 first mile).  By that time, we had caught and passed all the teenagers except one.  Jeff kept the same pace or increased it, while I slowed to a 6:19 second mile battling the hills.  Finished my third mile in 6:02 and last 1/10 in 5:36 pace, enough to reduce the distance on the teenager in front of me but not overtake him.
Was really proud of both my sons:  Mark took a 4th overall, less than a minute off my time.  Since you have to be 13 or over to run the 5K, Matthew ran the 11-12 year old 1 mile course, and was 1st with a PR for him of 5:53. 

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