Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekly Log 30-Apr-12 to 6-May-12

Monday:  0 miles
Planned rest day.

Tuesday:  0 miles
Taking it easy during final tapering week.  No injuries or shin splint flare-ups in weeks now; let's keep it that way.

Wednesday:  7 miles
Easy 7:30 pace out Shore Road, and the hills of Moonlight, back Links Passage.  A few pick-me-ups between telephone poles only.  I want to run longer, but trying hard to keep in check.  A few even shorter runs on the docket for next 3 days.

Thursday:  0
No running.  Volunteer timer at boys' last home track meet.  The 1500 was really fun to watch.  There was a big heat of about 15 boys.  Mark was placed in the best position at the start as a favorite, and Matthew about in the middle for his debut 1500.  Mark won the race with a new PR of 5 minutes flat, and Matthew took 2nd place overall at 5:29.  He didn't want to run the 1500 to begin with, but now he's mad that he missed qualifying by 4 seconds, and wants to run it again! 
Mark won the 800 also with a 2:23 and Matthew was about mid-pack with a 2:48.

Friday:  4 miles
Tom Harvey/Wicklow/Shore loop.  Easy miles at 7:48 pace.  Had to work at slowing down.  Really wish the marathon was tomorrow.  Will be hard to sit around all day Saturday without going out to do something active.

Saturday: 3 miles
Went to see a new race in Richmond, the Rainbow 10K.  Matthew and I went to my mom's house, then the 3 of us walked from there.  I brought my bike to try to stay off my feet.  Jonny was looking strong in 3rd place when we saw him at mile 3.
Came home, and jogged 3 miles in Misquamicut at 8:14 pace.  Starting to feel some nervousness about tomorrow.  Off to expo this afternoon, then out to dinner for pasta, followed by laying out everything for tomorrow and then hitting the sack early.

Sunday:  27 miles
Providence Marathon.  Success!  See separate write-up (in progress).

Weekly total:  41 miles

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  1. Best of luck on Sunday Jeff! Stay patient and relaxed out there..I have a feeling you are going to run a really good one.