Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekly Log 7-May-12 to 13-May-12

Monday:  0
Woke up and went to check marathon race results online again.  Wasn't sure if I had dreamed that I ran sub-3 or if it really happened!  I am surprised that my recovery is thus far much better than most post-marathons.  Sure, I'm moving slow and sore, but no crashing all afternoon or walking backwards down stairs as I've usually done in the past.

9 miles on the bike.  Easy spin down to Watch Hill and back.  Felt strange on the bike after so long.  Running at 55 degrees may feel warm, but it was cold on the bike, especially one downhill section at 28mph.  Stats: 9.1 miles, 14.2 mph, 37 minutes (from bike computer, not Garmin)

500 yards.  Cross-trained in the morning with 500 easy yards at the Y.  I'm a long ways off from being ready for a tri.
11 miles.  Afternoon run with Muddy after checking out potential WTAC team singlets at Camire's.  Raining steadily, but temps in the upper 50s kept us warm.  Ran out the South County Bike Path on the Phase 3 section down to Narragansett Elementary School, then from there ran bike path up to Curtis Corner school before jumping onto one full loop of the Spring Forward course.  Surprised that Mike G hasn't kept up with keeping the trails clear.  What does this guy do with his spare time?  Returned back to Camire's via the bike path, nipples bloodied, but an enjoyable run.  7:36 average pace.  Only soreness is in my calves.
At home, worked feverishly to get the blood out of my new Cox Marathon shirt.  The shirt is plain white, but it's my PR marathon shirt!  Had a marathon congratulations message on our answering machine from Stonington coaching legend and namesake Tommy McCoy.  Nice guy.

Thursday:  0
3:30AM call from work to resolve an issue put the kibosh on any morning run, my only chance for today.  Perhaps just as well; it was pouring rain and my calves (and now nipples) could use a rest day.

3 miles.  Slow, easy jog in Misquamicut.
12 miles.  Choices today:  1) Go out to the Block and run with Tom and crew.  I'd love to, but it would mean the whole day away and I just had my race weekend last weekend.  2) Run with "trail gods" Muddy & Jonny on their 24 mile jaunt.  I'd like to try that some day (yeah, I know, actions speak louder than words), but I'm not quite there with my marathon recovery.  3) Make my own - that's what I did:
6AM start from Y with Mike B.  Ran modified Y to Barn Island route by skipping Palmer Neck Road and jumping into trails directly from Greenhaven.  Ran about 5 miles on trails.  Had to backtrack on a few where flooding from this week's rains.  Skipped the longer road loop back by running Mary Hall to River Road.  Lots of talk about running.  Still a little tightness in the calves, but overall good.

17 miles.  First "real" ride of the season.  Out Route 1 to Charlestown, 216 to Bradford, and 91 back to Westerly.  Legs got a good workout on the Charlestown hills.  Tally:   1:07:20, 17.1 miles, 15.2 mph.
2 mile run with Mark immediately after getting off the bike.  Legs felt totally like Gumby, just like jelly and no strength.  We've got a ways to go before first tri.
3+ mile gazellin' in Champlin.  Had a 40 minute break mid-afternoon between family activities.  I got looks, but no one objected verbally when I put on the trail shoes to sneak out quickly.  Besides, the next activity was sitting indoors at a movie theatre watching "Avengers", and I think it's known that I'll be less grumpy and fidgety if I get my running "fix" in.

Weekly totals:
Running:  31 miles
Biking:  26 miles
Swimming:  500 yards

Post-marathon week random thoughts:
- I've always run 20+ milers in the weeks immediately preceding a marathon, but what made the most difference this time is the base I built up all winter.  Thanks Saturday morning running friends and Mike G with winter trail series for keeping me going.
- Speaking of which, I don't want to go back to 20-25 mile weeks as I typically do post-marathons.
- Eating a big breakfast marathon morning worked well for me.  I was always afraid before of eating too much.
- Tri season:  need to start adding in a mix of biking and swimming.  Can I be ready for Mystic tri on June 3?  How can I fit in and still ratchet up 40 mile run weeks?
- Short term races:  probably get in a few local 5Ks over next month, mix of road and trail races.
- Long term races:  need to get the next big one on the calendar to have something mentally to shoot for.  Fall marathon?  Time for a 50-K trail run in the near future?  (Don't tell Jonny I'm harboring that goal secretly.)  When is my next Half Ironman?  Can I get in one or two more and still hit my bucket list goal of a full before 50?
- Blogging purpose?  My oldest son (teenager) saw me typing my blog and said, "Dad, why do you bother?  Do you really think anyone actually reads that stuff?".  Ouch!  Am I "Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear; no one comes near"?  Does it matter?  Isn't a large part to help me lay out my own running goals and trials and tribulations?  Before I could reply that my marathon post had 50+ views (ignore the concept of repeat views, please), my youngest boy replied to him, "I read it."  Yes!


  1. Absolutely awesome marathon, Jeff! Impressive to see you're already running. It shows how fit you are.

  2. Many people read your blog, Jef--more than you'll know. And besides, the next line of that verse from the Beatles tune reflects you at 0430 in the morning, heading out for a run:

    "Look at him working, donning his socks in the night when there's nobody there. What does he care?"

    You're a runner. You're supposed to be quirky and "weird".