Monday, October 29, 2012

Charlestown FOP 5K

17:38.  PR!  4th overall; 1st in age group.  Results here.

Warmed up by running the course with Jonny and Muddy.  Had ruled out a PR in my mind with the wind in several sections, mostly notably on the bike course.
Start of 2012 race
Jonny took off ahead at the start, and after settling I was probably about eighth place.  The first mile went on a new section with a turn-around and you could see the oncoming runners.  By mile 1, Jonny was out in 2nd and I was running with Muddy as we both passed the guy in 3rd at that time - he did not seem happy with our move.  Mile 1 - 5:39.
Chasing Jonny coming off the bike course
Sprint to the finish and a new PR!

By mile 2, we had come back into the park.  Muddy had surged ahead into 2nd, with Jonny and I behind.  Mile 2 - 5:39.
The end of mile 2 should signal the start of a faster mile, but unfortunately that 3rd mile brought us on to the windiest section - the bike course.  I could feel the wind just sapping my strength heading out, and after the turnaround I tried to regain what energy I could.  The back half of the bike course was better, and I finished mile 3 in a slower 5:47, then sprinted in the final 0.11 in 5 flat.  Results:  a new PR by two seconds!

Another fun and record-setting day for Team WTAC!
PRs were the order of the day for WTAC, with Mike B notching one, as well as Mike C taking a minute plus off his PR.  Jonny PR'd with an impressive 17:21, and Muddy just missed his with a 2nd place finish at 17:12.  Rhody Seth and neighbor Jonny Eckel also notched new PRs.  A great day all around.


  1. Wow! Awesome race and super showing by WTAC!

  2. Great job by everyone, that was a great day for a race, apparently, in spite of the wind!