Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Log 01-Oct to 07-Oct-12

Monday:  0
Walking post-marathon went well most of the day, until this event at WHS in the evening where you walked to your child's class for each of his 7 periods.  Up stairs, down stairs, across campus, up stairs, back across campus, more stairs ... 
I didn't get any sympathy from my son Mark, who said, "Dad, I do that every single day, and with a backpack."  Not the day after running a trail marathon, son, ...

Tuesday:  0
Better, but a day off still needed.

Wednesday:  8+ miles
6 miles roads, 2+ on the beach on a foggy day.  Misquamicut/Weekapaug loop.  All felt good until the only uphill on the course, right in the neighborhood.  Ouch!  The legs were not happy.  Stay away from hills the next day or two.

Thursday:  4+
Local roads in Misquamicut, plus a mile on the deserted beach.

Friday:  5
Late afternoon 72-degree fall run. 3 miles trails hopping in Champlin, balance roads getting to and fro.  Mike G will be happy to know that in true form, I came out muddy and bloody.  Went down hard tripping on a leaf-covered root.  Really, dude, you stayed vertical for 26.2, but fell in your proverbial backyard?
Highlight:  On my favorite trail, seeing two runners coming at me:  Matthew leading one of his WMS X-C 'mates, and proselytizing him to the ways of trail running.

Saturday:  12
6AM with Mike B.  Y to Boombridge to North Stonington, Anthony to Ashaway, and Potter Hill back.  Solid 7:14 pace overall; longest and fastest run since my marathon; legs feel it.
Highpoint:  Catching up with Jeff Duda, who was out running a 17-miler training for Philly.  He joined us for 5 miles.
Lowpoint:  A dog mid-way that interrupted our run and followed us for a few miles, as we were trying to get the dog to drop out of our run and go back to its house.

Sunday:  5
Strides 5K.  See separate write-up.

Weekly running total:  34 miles

End of week musings:
  • Gotta love Mike C's persistence.  After grinding it out at the Nipmuck Trail Marathon just a few days ago, sounds like he's ready to sign up for next year's.
  • As for me, you know that successful "Couch-to-5K" program?  Well, I'm thinking about a 5K-to-Couch program.  If anyone has the link for that or TrailMarathon-to-Couch program, pass it on.  I figure if we can get a few more local runners into the Blogosphere, I can run vicariously from the couch while I surf others' blogs and times.  Maybe I can take up binge drinking and chain smoking as well.  It's gotta be easier than this marathon pain.
  • Speaking of Blogosphere, a big welcome to Seth who recently joined the ranks!  I hear he's even considering filling out a WTAC application.
  • Sounds like we also have a few local newbies ready to sign on for the Li'l Rhody this fall:  Mike B, Mike C, Seth, and Matthew, with Tom at least a maybe.  Should we print up some version of "High Fall Risk" stickers for them?!

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