Monday, October 22, 2012

Run for the Pumpkins 5K

Sunday, October 21, 2012
18:30.  3rd overall of 81, 1st in age group.  Results.

Most years this race had about 35-40 runners; two years ago this race had 17 runners and was in jeopardy of becoming another defunct local Westerly area race.  Steve and I approached the town on behalf of WTAC, and the WTAC took over the management of the race while the town continues to fund the race and order most of the supplies.  Last year we had 50+ runners, and this year we had a record 91 registrants and 81 finishers!
It was a fair amount of work getting online registration setup, listed on various web sites, working with the WHS and their PE program, liaising with the town, ordering bagels, etc., not to mention matching piles of shirts with bibs on our kitchen island Saturday night, and our refrigerator stacked with 70+ bottles of water, but in the end to see so many participants and to hear so many people expressing that they enjoyed it, it was all worth it!  We'll adjust for the small things that didn't go great (not enough 1st place medals - had to improvise, some kids who preregistered still didn't get sizes they ordered), and continue to improve for 2013.

Man, that guy is old!
My own personal race performance was less than stellar, but more importantly, I did have a good time out there in the beautiful fall weather.  After shuffling positions getting out of Cimalore Field, , I think all the top positions were settled and didn't change.  Jonny took off in his usual rocket start, the eventual winner passed him just outside the park, and for the rest of the race I saw the back of Jonny's WTAC-emblazened singlet in front of me, albeit getting farther and farther away from me!

Team WTAC at race
I came through the first mile in 5:44, and then gazelling through downhill sections to a course elevation low of 57 feet, I found myself 10-20 yards behind Jonny.  And then the hills came!  I knew Jonny would gain on me on the 95' hill climb, but I didn't realize how much.  Coming into the 2 miler marker, I had slowed to 6:14 pace.  For the rest of the race, Jonny had a football field plus lead over me.  Coming back into Cimalore Field, I had a birds-eye view of the lead guy finishing in 17:45, Jonny in 18 flat, and I finished 31 seconds behind him.  Fellow WTAC'ers Mike B and Riyan rounded out the top 5 in 19:10 and 19:47.


  1. Nicely done, Jeff! Can't wait to hit the FOP race with you guys next weekend!!!

  2. Jeff - great job setting up the race. Fun atmosphere. Fun course. I think we're in for PR's next week!

  3. Good job! Look at those snazzy singlets!!