Monday, October 8, 2012

Strides 5K

Sunday, October 7, 2012
5K - 17:40.  1st overall.  A new PR, by 9 seconds!  Results here.
Race start: 
Left:  my boys on either side of me, plus neighbor Jonny in front round out Westerly contingent
Right:  Slowly, but surely, the WTAC singlet clad running team is growing!
Mile 1:  From the gun, a half-dozen or so youngsters sprinted out in front of me.  Put them behind me 200 yards out, and now just had to contend with the guy I could hear right on my heels.  Dang.  About 1/2 mile in, he came right up next to me and then I could see him:  a 20-something runner.  We ran shoulder-to-shoulder through the first mile at 5:40, and then I tried to focus to listen to which of us was breathing harder as the best indicator I could think of.  Good, it was him!
Mile 2:  Into the 2nd mile, there was a slight uphill (more of a speed-bump compared to anything on Nipmuck!) and that was enough for him to drop a few paces behind me.  Kind of like what happens to me when Jonny and I go up a hill!  At a 90-degree angle I glanced back and saw him still hanging about 100 yards behind me now.  Back on to the main road and now 2-way running traffic, it was hard for me to run the tangents with so many runners (200+ field size) coming at me.  Some mangy looking guy was weaving and crashed into me!  The cop car got stuck in traffic, cars and runners, so I went around him until he put on his siren and got back ahead of me to clear a path.  Finished mile 2 in 5:54, kind of normal for me drop a bit slower the 2nd mile, but I also wonder if the traffic-jam added a few seconds for me.
Last turn before the finish
Photo courtesy Beth Eckel
Pouring it on close to finish
(Thanks to Jana for photo)

Mile 3:  Getting tired.  With about 1/2 mile to go, a spectator yells to me that the 2nd runner is 50 yards behind me and closing.  I was hoping for an easier cruise in, but time to kick it in with all I have left.  As I turned into the entrance to Camp Harkness, I wanted to look back but knew I shouldn't waste the effort so I just poured it on.  17:40 finish!  Final mile 5:39; 1/10 portion 5:04 pace. The 2nd guy finished almost a minute back; my guess is I lost him when I kicked it in starting 1/2 mile back.
Final steps before breaking the tape
In 4th place overall, my hero of the day:
Matthew kills his PR and goes SUB-20!!!
(Final time 19:50, overall pace 6:24)
I got the biggest chuckle when I went to see the posted results, and two guys in front of me were looking at the results, as one said to the other, "The guy that won ran 17:40, and check this out, he's 48 years old!".  Ha!  Ha!  I know Father Time is coming to get me one of these days and slow me down, but ...   Today is not that day!


  1. Wow, congrats Jeff on the PR. And major props to your son. Sub-20? Awesome!

  2. WOW! Are the Walkers juicing? I'm beginning to wonder....Congrats yet again!