Monday, August 5, 2013

Run 4 Kerri

Sunday, August 4, 2013

23:52, 5:59 pace.  36th overall of 729, 3rd in age group.  PR!!  Results here.

Just 16 hours after finishing the Block Island Triathlon, my legs were far from fresh and I didn’t know what to expect on this one.  My feet were still a little banged up from the rocks on BI, as I went out for a 2-mile warm-up.  I went one mile with my sons out back, then went solo towards the Town Beach where I saw Seth's wife Amanda, and then met up with Jonny for the return.  A lot of really fast runners out at this race.  I chatted with Crutch, recommended he not to go too far back, and then lined up about five rows back with Jonny, with newest WTAC’er Chris about two rows up.

Mile 1:  The crowd thinned out really well for me.  I enjoyed watching Jonny Rocket race ahead of me, as he gradually increased his lead.  The first mile went by really quickly, and I quickly saw the one mile marker and runner-turned-reporter Muddy.  5:40.

Mile 2:  Turning south on Moonstone Beach Road, I got passed by Bob Jackman, who I wished well.  We quickly turn left onto Card’s Pond Road, where I got passed by Stonington native and BAA runner Laura Brustulon as we exchanged quick pleasantries.  The long straight stretch of Card’s Pond Road was an absolute sufferfest for me last year in the high 80s, but this year was much more palatable with about 75 degree weather.  Slowed somewhat, but not terribly:  6:01.

Mile 3:  The flats ended, as we turned left into the neighborhood to begin the uphill climb.  A couple of slight inclines were followed by steep short hill that walloped me right at the Mile 3 marker.  6:06.
Final steps to the finish, with Laura behind me and 1/2 of Jackman

Mile 4:  Just tried to hold my place for the rest of the neighborhood climb, and then with about ½ mile ago, poured on what I had left.  Downhill shifted into gazelle mode, and approaching the school I re-passed Jackman (yes, I realized he’s recovering) and Laura.  5:54.
Part of the WTAC crew at Kerri

Cold, but refreshing post-race

Finished in 23:52, beating my old 4-mile PR (Camire’s 2012) by 16 seconds!  Psyched!  Then Jana checked results and told me I placed 3rd in age group (behind Keven O’Neill and Principe)!  Double psyched!  I run this race most years, and had NEVER before placed in my age group, but did so on my last time running this age group in the 40s age group.  (Maybe Mike B will sign up to run it next year now.)  Also checked my next year’s age group to see this year’s winning time was 25:07.
Picking up age group award

Also really happy for Crutch, who destroyed his goal of 30 minutes by coming in 28:30.  Another good showing and fun outing for WTAC.


  1. Nice job Jeff
    Not many runners in that OTHER age group, what about 4 or 5, so I’m sure you will place next year as well 

  2. Great job, Jeff! And on post-tri legs, no less! See you cats in the borough tonight!