Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly Log 5-Aug to 11-Aug-2013: Running with Pre

Monday:  0

10 miles.  8 miles solo, final 2 miles with Jana on promenade.
Site of today's run
4 miles of today's run was on sand along
Pacific Ocean.
Hope some WTAC Atlantic Ocean miles
were logged back home as well

Razor clams, dungeness crabs, and sand dollars ruled
the beach today.  Crab tasted good on my dinner plate as well.
7 miles:  4.5 solo in AM, 2.5 w/Matthew in PM, with a few miles of family hiking in between.
Historic Hayward Field was locked up
Got to run Pre's Trail instead

Another section of Pre's Trail

Nice signs and maps along the route
Matthew along today's hike at Sweet Creek Falls

12 miles.  Most of run along Riverfront Trail System, a mix of paved and dirt trails.  7:23 average pace.  Last four miles:  6:37, 6:40, 6:30, 6:02.
Pre's Rock:  a tribute atop a climb of twisty, curvy, dangerous roads -
I could imagine his car accident happening.
Runners still leaving tributes of running shoes and bibs
38 years after his untimely death.

Along today's run - is Crutch out running here today?

Afternoon:  Hiking in Redwood National Park, northern California.  The unsolicited feedback from the teenage boys changed from "This trip is so lame" to repeated cries of "This is so awesome" as they climbed through, around and a few feet up the massive redwoods.

10 mile hilly coastal loop run solo, average 7:21 pace.  Followed by 5+ miles of family hiking, day 2 in northern California:
Redwood National Park, northern CA
This redwood tree behind Mark must be 15' in diameter
and 300' in height

The fog gives an eerie Jurassic Park feel, which actually
parts of it were filmed in this national park
End of the today's trail:  a cool and desolate
vantage point on the Pacific Ocean
I made it.  Now for the 1,100 foot ascent back over switchbacks ...
 1/4 mile.  Finished the day swimming laps in hotel heated outdoor pool.  I am beat.  Matthew and I walked to the beach, and waded in just a few feet.  Now I understand why I haven't seen a swimmer yet in the ocean out here - the ocean here feels just as cold as the Atlantic Ocean at Misquamicut did on Memorial Day.  Brrr!

5 miles.  Easy 8:04 pace on a shorter run, as my legs can still feel yesterday's activities.
Oregon Caves National Park

200' underground

6 miles easy on paved trails.
4 miles hiking.  View from Garfield Peak (8,060'), looking down on
Crater Lake

1/4 mile lap swimming with Matthew.

Weekly totals:
Run:  50 miles
Bike:  --
Swim:  0.50 miles

Week recap:
First time I ran a 50-mile week in months.  Loving the variety of runs and adventures on this week of family vacation.


  1. Hey - my better half collects sand dollars. We have many from the Atlantic Ocean but none from the Pacific. Any chance bringing one back? - remember, this is for Julie, not me - thanks

    look nice out there

    1. Wish I had known - there were sand dollars all over the beach, most broken, but quite a few intact. I'm inland now, will check again when I'm back on another section of Pacific coast in a couple of days and let you know.

  2. Logged some Ocean and road miles with Jonny E. this morning, Misquamicut to Watch Hill at high tide...beach runs for everyone! Have fun, it's awesome out there :)

  3. Nice photos. Have fun out west!

  4. Oh wow, I bet running Pre's trail was pretty cool. I want to do that someday.

  5. Very cool pics! I've always heard about Pre's trails..must be neat to run to them. Enjoy your trip.

  6. Killer trip...and that ain't my bus! Mine's way older than that...matter of fact, it's almost 50...haha

    1. Hey, I represent that "almost 50" remark, you young whipper-snapper!