Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Log 12-Aug to 18-Aug-2013

3 miles.  Klamath Falls, OR.  Easy recovery run.
Along today's run.  Yeah, it's real ugly here, and
I'm missing my office cubicle in the concrete jungle of Beantown.
These two guys spooked me on
this morning's run.

Today's fun activity:
white-water rafting

24+ miles.  Beautiful sunny morning in southern Oregon for a long run.  6 miles dirt trails, balance mixed paved trails and roads.  A few miles into the run, I encountered a cattle rancher walking towards me.  Sensing I was no longer on public access paths, I was ready for a "no trespassing on my land" speech, but he was courteous and helpful with directions.
Next I ran alongside a "small lake" which looked like it might be fun to run around, until I saw a sign saying that Upper Klamath Lake is Oregon's largest at 90,000 acres.  90,000!  Seriously!  Everything is massive here.  The ranches here look like they could be measured in square miles instead of acres.
Final 10 miles run inside the sprawling Running Y Ranch, including some tiring hill climbs and desolate trail runs.  Took a wrong turn on a trail and ended up further out than I intended and all of a sudden my watch was showing 20 miles and I still had to get back.  Oops!   [3:01:23, 7:29 pace]

500 yards freestyle laps.

3 miles. Westerly Fun Runs - week #10, final week of full 5K.  18:30.  One of my slower times of the season, but given running 24 miles previous day and 4 hours intermittent sleep on red-eye flight, I'll take it.

Thursday:  0
Needed rest day.

6 miles.  Groton Fun Run, held on trails at Bluff Point State Park.  Jana, Matthew, and I all ran the 3.5 trail run, then caught up with fellow WTAC runners, including Les and Pard (they took off before the beer, wine, and food).  Took 2 Strava CR segments tonight, including a 0.8 mile segment at 5:13 pace.  Yes, it was downhill, but still psyched!

Blew off the 445 Club earlier in favor of sleep.  I'm sure I'll hear about that!

Break along beautiful
countryside in Griswold, CT
47 miles.  CT hills ride w/FiveK, who asked me to include some "hills" in today's ride.
Early on we hammered the short 1.7 mile section of Route 1 from Greenhaven to North Main, average 23.9 mph, good for 11th of 110 on Strava.  That left me beat heading into the North Stonington hills.
Average speed of 17.7 mph doesn't reflect the toughness of the hill climbs.  Cossaduck Hill!!!  OMG, that one is brutal and humbling!  Average grade of 9%.
After Cossaduck, we continued up through Griswold up to 165, past Buttonwood Farms, into Voluntown, and back 49.  No time for photos at Crutch's today, as we continued all the way back 49 and stopped for an iced coffee at Ryan W's place, where we chatted with him for a bit.  Monster ride for me!

7 miles.  When you go on a trail run led by Crutch, be prepared for some rugged, technical terrain.  On a previous trail run a few months back, he had me on exhausted ascending Lantern Hill via trails I had never used.  Today, it was north on Narragansett Trail from Green Falls, west of the dam, one of the crossover trails eastbound, and eventually back along Dinosaur Caves to Green Falls Road.
Ran into more spiders (literally) than desired, but all good trail running, with the possible exception of the crossover trail which was quite overgrown.  Good stuff.

Weekly totals:
Run:  45 miles
Bike:  47
Swim:  0.25 miles

Week highlights:

  • 24 mile run
  • Massive ride w/FiveK
  • Getting back onto trails - NO DEERFLIES!
  • Earning two Strava CRs (Bluff Point)
  • Uploading my Oregon running, and finding I won a few Strava segments there as well.  This one below (elevation is obviously off) is so far away from RI that I figure it's safe from other WTAC'ers, even Galoob, for a while:

Seaside, OR CR


  1. 24 miles, awesome!!! Looks like you guys had a great trip, Oregon is indeed a beautiful place...

  2. Wow, big run in big country. I too am looking forward to your Strava uploads.