Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekly Log 19-Aug to 25-Aug-2013

4 miles.  Downtown Westerly/Pawcatuck evening run at 7:30 pace.

6 miles.  Battle of Stonington 5K.  80 degrees.  18:04, 8th overall of 244.  1st in age group.
One of my favorite races that I try to make every year, and a culmination of the Stonington Fun Run series.  While I love the race, the location, and catching up with all the WTAC runners, I was disappointed with my own performance on several facets, including foolishly stopping at the wrong line until race officials yelled to me to keep going, and my own little meltdown after the finish.  Grow up, train harder, move on.  Tomorrow's another day.

1 mile. Final Westerly fun run of the year.  5:15 mile run on the road with many turns.  Yeah, I'm happy with that time, especially against a 5:10 track mile PR.
I like this pic of finishing up the mile w/Jonny right on my heels
 18 miles.  Evening ride w/FiveK out to Bradford and back 216 through Charlestown, followed by a sprint on Atlantic into the wind.  Tiring, but great.

5 miles.  445 Club.  Five of us trekked down to the Weekapaug Breachway in the dark for a loop through Weekapaug, out Atlantic, and then back on the beach for a nice run at low tide along the shore.  Finished up with a dip in the ocean - no jellies encountered today.
6 miles. Final Groton Fun Run of the season. Ran moderately hard on the trails, but not all out. 1st mile with Josh Harwell; finished up with Jonny Eckel. 6:34 pace. Then redeemed my Paul's Pasta gift certificate from Niantic Bay 10K age group win - it only covered about 1/10 of the meal, but it was a good dinner on the water with the Eckel family and a carafe of wine.

47 miles. FiveK wore me out on this one. He strung together hill after hill: Kings Factory Hills, Shumunkanuc, Chase Hill, Potter Hill. Heading back into coastal Westerly, we tried the Strava segment on Atlantic Ave eastbound - into the wind at a paltry 16mph. After a fantastic iced coffee break (I need the sugar and the rest - thanks Tom!), we went Atlantic westbound with the wind, over 20mph the whole stretch, but somehow Strava robbed us by assigning Tom 7.0mph and me 4.4mph! Go figure. Great ride and workout regardless.

10 miles. Local mid-morning run after a lazy sleep-in. Ran the first 4.5 miles with Matthew. After 1 mile we ran into Sam Adams, and ran the next 2 miles or so with him out Links Passage to Rock Ridge. He continued on separately for his own 10 miles - I say he's good for OCY Tri; he says the jury is still out.
3 miles. Barefoot run with Matthew from Old Town Beach out to Weekapaug Breachway and back. Joined up with Mike B for part of the run.
1/4 mile. Finally got a swim in the ocean. Saw only two big purple jellies, lots of little pieces of jellyfish. Head lifeguard said they're dying out. I won't shed a tear. First time in a few weeks that I didn't feel itchy coming out of the water.

Weekly totals:
Run:  35
Bike:  65
Swim:  0.25

Weekly recap:
Good week overall with lots of variation.  Have one more race-free weekend coming up on Labor Day weekend that I'll have to get some good bike and run training in, as after that I head into three consecutive weekends of longer races.

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