Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekly Log 29-Jul to 4-Aug-2013

This week brings us into August.  Sad that the summer is half over.  Another double race weekend coming up, with BI Tri on Saturday (psyched!) and Run 4 Kerri on Sunday.

Monday: 0
Recovery day

6 miles at Stonington Fun Runs.  Even Crutch and Mark showed up!  Ran one lap with FiveK, only lap solo.  18:56.
Missed the morning track workouts that my fellow WTAC runners put in this morning.  Not something I relish, but I know I've got to put in a few of these to help my game come Fall.

3/4 mile.  5:45AM 27-minute swim with Steve, Larry, and Tom.  Glassy flat conditions that I'm most comfortable with.  Gave me time to work on my bilateral breathing every 3 strokes.  Not pretty.
3 miles.  Followed up the swim with a group barefoot beach run to the Weekapaug Breachway and back.
7 miles.  Matthew asked me if I could take him to ride some hills in advance of Saturday's Block Island Tri.  Rode from the Town Forest to Boombridge, Ashaway, and back Potter Hill.  He's worried about the bike Saturday and asked if he'll be the last finisher on the bike.  No!
3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs, week 8 of 11.  18:14.

Thursday: 0

5 miles. From the Watch Hill gazebo with FiveK, WhichWay, Crutch, Matthew, and a newbie - neighbor "Sam Adams". Easy pace on roads, and back barefoot on the beach to East Beach, Watch Hill. Promises of coffee at Taylor Swift's place didn't pan out.
1/4 mile open ocean swim at Napatree, with FiveK out front, then Matthew, then Sam and I pulling up the rear. Easy practice on final day before Block Island Tri.

1/4 mile.  Block Island Triathlon.  Separate write-up shortly.
14 miles.  BI.
 5 miles.  BI

 6 miles.  Run 4 Kerri.  Separate write-up shortly.

Weekly totals:
Run: 27 miles
Bike: 21
Swim: 1.25

Week wrap-up:
Another fantastic weekend of tris and road racing.  Will be mixing it up next week with new runs in new territory.

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