Monday, October 28, 2013

Charlestown Police 5K

Sunday, October 27, 2013

17:33, 5:40 pace.  4th overall, 1st in age group.  PR!  Full results here.

I've run this race most years, including back when it was run in August.  Billed as "the flatest course in RI".  I think the Avondale course might be slightly flatter as the Ninigret has max elevation 39' and min 10' (29' difference), whereas Avondale has max 23' and min 0' (23' difference), but certainly both are very flat.  Arrived one hour early, and gradually saw my WTAC teammates piling in.  Ferocious winds from yesterday were gone, and it was looking like a nice sunny day in the 50s.
Odd mix at the starting line, but soon thinned out

Mile 1:  After about 1/4 mile, the dust had pretty much settled.  I passed Action Acton, then Jay Seekell, and remained in 4th for the rest of the race.  Until just before the mile mark, I was pretty much on Jonny's heels, as were the two behind me on my heels.  Mile 1 split:  5:39.
Checking my Mile 2 split:
Greg H is shaking his head, telling me to throw the Garmin away and focus on the race

Mile 2:  This is the section going out to Route 1A, and then back into the park.  Distance is widening between the top guys.  I can no longer see the lead vehicle nor The Colonel in 1st place, and can only see FiveK (2nd place) on long straightaways.  Mile 2 split:  5:49.
FiveK in nice smooth form finishing up

Jonny in short efficient strides

Not sure that my bounding arms and legs are efficient,
but it gets me there

Matthew finishes up breaking 19 minutes
Now this Critchlery dude is just way too serious;
we'll allow it as he's en route to another killer PR

I'm not sure if this guy is trying to flap his wings to go faster,
or if he's just happy

Mile 3 and finish:  Turned into the bicycle criterium course, and am now going into the wind.  No complaints, as much less wind than last year.  I'm starting to get tired now, and am actually counting the number of turns remaining to pass the time.  I tell myself to stay focused and will myself to keep the pace.  Mile 3 split:  5:42.  I cross the finish line in 17:33, good for 5 seconds off my previous PR of 17:38, one year ago on this same course.

The WTAC gang.  Fast and fun times all around.


  1. Ha ha love the pics and captions! In my opinion it's fine to check mile splits just constantly monitoring pace is what drives me nuts. Nice pr! I said it before, you have good running form. Nice powerful toe off with hips forward. You look like a miler.

  2. Looks like great fun and a beautiful day for a race! Congratulations on the PR!!

  3. Can't say I'm loving the way my form looks. Nothing like the beauty of a gazelle's! Fun race. Congrats on the PR!!