Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekly Log 7-Oct to 13-Oct-2013

Post Marathon recovery week.  Still enjoying my "high" from the marathon PR and experience, while I anticipate extremely light running this week.  Over the long holiday weekend, I'm hoping to get out on the trails with my running friends.

Monday:  0
Running out of the question, but at least no hobbling or backwards stair walking today!

Tuesday:  0

Wednesday:  2
Mixed recovery with finally making good on my plans for minor trail maintenance in Woody Hill (it was only six months ago that I got approval from DEM!).  Alternated jogging (with work gloves, a bow sow, and pruning shears) and stopping to clear obstructions on the Fern Drive trail from Wahaneeta up to Swamp Trail intersection.
The highlight of my day was receiving a phone call from the venerable Tom McCoy congratulating me on my Smuttynose marathon.  Like me, he started running at age 39, and also like me, his best Boston was 2:56, but he was quick to tell me I had gone under (barely) his all-time PR of 2:52.   It's hard to find more of a quality, giving, positive person than Tommy.

Thursday:  3
Early morning run in the dark, local roads, at 8 minute pace.  Still some soreness, mostly in the calves and oddly in the ankles.

Friday:  13
- Morning:  6 miles.  Fun running trails on Barn Island.  Do you know what it's like to have 1,000 acres all to yourself to run trails?  Yes, you probably do.  It's a really neat and cathartic experience.  Hope to have a group run here soon.
- Afternoon:  7 miles.  Round 2 - Woody Hill trails with FiveK.  Fun to be back out here.

Saturday:  8
Fun group run with perhaps a record of 7 WTAC runners!  Jonny, Muddy, Seth, Mike B, FiveK, and Chris.  Grills Preserve trails starting on Westerly side of the river, crossed over the shiny new bridge, which was neat but looks so out of place out in the woods.  Onto the Hopkinton side of the Grills Preserve, silver diamond trail was much more technical than I had expected.  Half of us took the roads back to finish up at 8+ miles, and that worked fine for me, as a little calf soreness.

Sunday:  6
Finished out the week with a trail romp through Mastuxet and Champlin trails.  Even had a Woolley sighting in Champlin.  Said he's hoping to run Li'l Rhody next month.

Weekly mileage total:  32

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