Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Run for the Pumpkins 5K

Sunday, October 20, 2013

18:21, 5:55 pace.  3rd overall of 47.  1st in age group.  Full results here.

A field of about 50 runners came out for the 11th annual edition of the Run for the Pumpkins.  This was the 3rd year since WTAC had taken over management of the event.  While we'd like to see a few more, 50 is sustainable, whereas 17 that we had the last year the Town ran it was not sustainable.

Mile 1:  I followed Chris and Jonny out of the park, and except for downhill portions where I reeled Jonny a little closer, I watched him get farther and farther ahead of me during the race. This course has many turns, and were it not for the chalk lined turns by SNERRO, there is no way I could follow the course.  Mile 1 is mostly flat, and I ran a fast 5:39.

Mile 2:  There is a decent downhill stretch, before the climb begins:  95' at an average 7% grade.  Here is where Jonny really opened up some distance on me.  After the hill climb, I saw Jonny glancing back at me, but I was feeling the hill effects and never could regain the same speed again.  Mile 2 split 6:09.
Finishing up the 2013 Pumpkins run on a beautiful fall day
Mile 3:  Ran mile 3 in 5:53 pace.  I'm certain I could have run it a few seconds faster, but with Jonny way ahead of me and no one in sight behind me, just didn't feel any impetus to push it harder.

Finished in 18:21, which is a time I wouldn't normally be happy with, but immediately after finishing, Jonny came over to me and said, "Wasn't that a PR for you on this course?".  Good point!  Indeed it was!  Now if I get 18:21 next weekend at flat Charlestown Police 5K course I will be melancholy, but for this hilly course, I'll take it.
Team WTAC (minus a few who were out on the course)

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  1. The "Hill" was a good one, especially given its placement on a short race. Good stuff, and you'd better be sub-18:21 at the FOP race!