Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekly Log 14-Oct to 20-Oct-2013

Monday:  7
Took Columbus Day off and took advantage of dropping Matthew off at WMS early morning to get in a run from a different location and at least two roads I had never run on before.  Had to run a little bit on Route 1, but not much.  Easy pace.

Tuesday:  4
Body and legs tired on 3 hours of sleep, but mentally needed to get out for a short beach run to momentarily get away from a spate of bad luck:

  • Still digesting the news that my job of 13 years is moving to NC.
  • Mentally tough to see Mark through his injury:  got home at 3AM today after two ambulance rides, and ten hours in two hospitals in failed attempts to set his badly broken arm from a soccer injury yesterday.  Back up to Providence today to learn the details of his upcoming surgery on Thursday, including inserting metal rods lengthwise through his two broken bones.
Self proclaimed "worst day of my life"
 (his broken arm is splinted inside the yellow "cheese")
These will be small blips on the radar in the hopefully near future, but not a great moment at present.

Wednesday:  3
Wahaneeta / Woody Hill slog and trail clear.  Finally started on my "Swamp Trail Bypass".

Thursday:  6
Morning run on local roads and hills to calm the nerves before Mark's surgery.

Friday:  3
Woody Hill.  Spent more time clearing than running.  I know you're not supposed to run with scissors, but I'm getting pretty good at running with a bow saw!  On the way back, miss-stepped on a rock crossing a stream and fell in the drink.  Oh well, a good trail run should always involve some mud or blood, or at least many of mine do.

Saturday:  11
Longest run since Smuttynose two weeks ago.  Early morning run with FiveK and WhichWay from the Y out to Barn Island and back.  Stuck to mostly single-track trails in the woods in "the Barn" as shotgun sounds emanating from near the fields and marshes.  Went through one marsh section on the way out where we encountered two separate hunters with shotguns.  They were both very pleasant, but I just got this feeling they didn't want us there.  That's the one thing I don't like about weekend mornings running trails in the fall, but hunters have just as much as right to be there as us runners, so we'll learn to co-exist.
On to more pleasant topics:  on the way back on Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck, after already running 10 miles, FiveK incites us to run a mile hard.  Only a mile, right?  Just seemed like it wouldn't end, but 5 minutes and 35 seconds later, it did for me.  Good run.

Sunday:  4
Run for the Pumpkins.  Separate write-up to follow shortly.
Weekly total:  38 miles

Week wrap-up:
38 miles - not bad.  I'm sure having Columbus Day off factored into that.  Now at week's end, we're starting to move forward with the two obstacles life threw at us:  1) Mark is getting back to his normal routine of sleeping until Noon and annoying his mother and brother, so he must be feeling better.  The swelling has stopped, and he stopped asking for Vicodin.  He goes back to school Monday, although driven by car and with a number of accommodations for now.  2) I'm starting to give more thought to my job possibilities, including transferring to NC, searching for a new job internally and externally, as well as staying put at present job until April for incentive reasons.  Unfortunately, neither an early retirement nor a part-time local job is a possibility at this time, especially with two boys that want to go to college.  I tried to convince my kids to drop out of school and move out of the house, but no luck so far. :)


  1. Hang in there Jeff. Tough times don't last, tough people do. Hope everything works out well for Mark. If you need anything, let me know.

  2. Oh Jeff and Jana I am so sorry. My prayers and meditations these are merely small blips in the grander scheme. Best wishes and speedy healing to Mark. Wow... Layoff? or Relo?

    1. It's a relo, Beth. Jana and I go on a "site visit" in November, and have to make a decision in early Dec. Thanks all for the wishes for Mark.

  3. Ugh. Remind me not to complain and whine about trivial stuff. Chin up, man.

  4. Sorry to hear about Mark's injury. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  5. that SUCKS - let me know if you need anything - tell Mark to hang in there, cast on the arm, he'll be a check magnet :)

  6. Thinking of you and your family.

  7. Wishing Mark a speedy recovery.