Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Log 30-Sep to 6-Oct-2013

Marathon week is finally here for many of us WTAC'ers!  Taper with 5-8 milers mid-week, light short running a couple days before, and off we go.  Best of luck to all!

Photos (l-r):  Old Mountain Field 5K, Westerly Land Trust/Conservation 5K, Strides 5K.

Monday:  0
Planned zero.

Tuesday:  5
Workout at Burlingame Campground with FiveK.  One mile hard (5:34), followed by 2x800, and 2x400.  Unusually humid evening added to the lung taxing.  First time I had been in this section of the park since the "Snowy Sufferfest"; elicited those fun memories.

Wednesday:  8
Challenged to find a run slot on a work day that unexpectedly began at 3AM.  Managed to sneak away at Noon.  Wow, what a day!  75 degrees and sunny - is this really October?!

After a mile warm-up, ran 3 miles down to Weekapaug at sub-MP:  6:19, 6:18, 6:14.  Then went onto the beach and ran the 2.5 miles back to Misquamicut right on the shore's edge at low tide.  Really fun!  Surprisingly saw about 100 people on the beach.  Mostly all retired - jealous!

Afternoon went to see Matthew run at Chariho, vs. Chariho and Davisville.  He was leading as he went past us; came back in 3rd place, still respectable, but looking dejected.  What we didn't see is that he turned off course and then had to play catch-up.  Bummer!  He was pretty miserable.  At the end of the meet, comments helped a little, such as from Kevin Burr that Jackie had also run off course at Chariho, and later from a Chariho kid pointing at Matthew saying "That's the kid that should've won".

Thursday:  0
Long work day, followed by watching Mark's soccer game in Providence makes this a good day to take my final zero before Smuttynose.

Friday:  4
Easy run about 7:30 pace on local roads.  Final local run before Smuttynose.

Saturday:  3
Smuttynose short run on course.

Sunday:  28
Smuttynose Marathon.  See separate write-up.

Weekly total:  48