Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolution 5K

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1st in age group.  7th overall out of 133.  19:25 (6:16 pace).  Full results here

Another real fun race by Mike Galoob and company.  Mile plus warm-up with Matthew, enough to get the blood moving (strange phrase, blood doesn’t move otherwise?).  Anyway, the warm-up was also enough to see the two wettest spots on the course:  a puddle smack-dab in the middle of the trail that must have been at least 10’ x 10’, and a series of puddles inside the stone house ruins.  There would be no bypassing either of these.
Geeks and their running watches
at starting line
... and we're off.

Heading down to the turnaround flag.

Mile 1:  First half-mile or so was tough, as it was against the wind and over a very rocky section of beach.  I thought the least Galoob could have done would be to pick up all the rocks pre-race, but he must’ve been slacking off (again).  Switched positions with Muddy, Seth, and Nate a few times, but by the turn-around flag, the dust had pretty much settled:  Muddy, then a Brit and a Turtle, then me in 9th, then Seth and Nate right on my tail.  6:02.
Repassing the starting line, about 1 mile in

Mile 2:  Passed the Turtle (3rd place for Turtles) and overtook the Brit just at beginning of trail as he went a little wide.  Next up were the puddles; straight through them.  Feet felt cold for a few moments again, then fine as we exited briefly onto Ocean Road, and then back into Black Point trails.  On the trails, I could see Muddy ahead of me by at least 10 yards, and I could hear competitors chasing me, especially footfalls on the muddy and wet sections.  6:26.
Crossing into the stone building ruins
Scott Mason caught me just at the right moment!

Obstacles inside the stone building
Great shot by Scott Mason

Mile 3:  Come on ... when is the trail coming to end?  The final mile completes the trail section, and takes us through the ruins of a stone building, where Scott Mason was photographing us running through more puddles.  Here I could hear some splashing right behind me.  Not knowing if it was friend or foe or frenemy, I tried to pick up the pace as I exited onto the beach.  There was no catching Muddy here; he was too far ahead and I'm not even sure I narrowed the gap at all.  Didn't really have too much left and was into the wind, so I tried to just run as efficiently as I could to finish it off.  Crossed the finish line, just barely holding off a much younger :) Seth.  6:18.

Barely holding off Seth at finish
Photo by Jana

Another great WTAC win and showing; 19 strong!  Group cool-down of 7 WTAC runners broke into two groups; Muddy, Matthew, and I trekked on for 2 miles to finish just in time for awards ceremony.  Scored a free entry to a future 4th season trail race - you'll know I'll be using this age group award!
Mud-spattered jersey
(of course Muddy took the opportunity to tell me that if I
needed "to go" that badly, there were porta-jons available)

Finishing up a group cool-down

The gang's all here, well, mostly
Where's Boumenot?
(Photos by Jana)


  1. Family obligations – Conor LAX game
    I was texting 5K for results when I got home
    Family obligations – really – before my running / I will have to talk with Julie
    Summary – living in the doghouse, anyone have a spare blanket, I hate winter and the cold weather coming again :)

    1. Blah, blah, blah. Should I get out my violin?

      Super 5K on Feb 2 - put it on the family calendar and be there. I'll even buy you a pasta lunch if you show up.

  2. Forgot to add - cool pic coming through the stone building by Scott Mason
    The caption could be – old guy coming out of his old house :)

  3. Great running again Jeff! I'm going to have to think up an extra special award for the series 40-49 winner...
    That first pic is funny: everyone EXCEPT the race winner obsessing over their watches. Hmmm.

  4. Gazelle continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Great job.

    First picture is great. Woolley just giggles/grunts and shakes his head every time we bring up GPS/space watches.

  5. PS-please remind me not to wear those shorts again. Didn't realize just how short they are! I wonder if they make them in men's too.....?

    1. You know your shorts are short if they're shorter than mine.

    2. As I learned from my high school cross country girls in short short shorts have good times. Take what you will from that :)

  6. I liked your comment on the start of the race...on your mark...get set....EVERYBODY START YOUR GARMIN!

    Nice job though! Keeping it strong in your age group.