Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Log 27-Jan to 2-Feb-2013

Super 5K race week.  Looking forward to this annual fun event.  17:55 was my time last year, and I think my fastest at this race; let's see what Sunday brings ...

Monday:  0
Rest day.

Tuesday:  9
Nashua, NH.  Working for the day in southern NH, and thought I'd take advantage of a beautiful day (17 degrees, sunny, calm) in a rural environment and go out for a lunch run.  (you know, like Jonny)  Started at the Nashua Y and had intended to run a lot in adjacent Mine Falls Park, but it was very icy and I didn't bring my Yak-Trax.  A couple of miles in the park, but mostly on surrounding roads, including catching a Strava uphill CR.
Back in RI in the evening, finished up the day with a spin session with FiveK.

Wednesday:  13
Lunch:  7.5 miles.  Continued my lunchtime run theme, and with working from home today, ran around the pond adding in FiveK's 5-4-3-2-1-30 sec drill, with 1/2 the time in each recovery.  Average pace for the intervals was about 5:45, slower than I hoped, but a decent effort.
Afternoon:  5.5 miles.  Against a setting sun, hit the trails in Woody Hill.  Crutch ran trails earlier and in a text, suggested Yak-Trak, which served me well as you couldn't see ice under the snow.  There were tracks on the main "roads" leading down to and into the stone fort (in fact it smelled like MaryJane had just been there), but the single-track trails were mine to own.  It was a wee bit dark as I finished up, and I momentarily felt like the Who's Pinball Wizard having to use senses other than sight to get the job done.

Thursday:  6
4:30AM.  10 degrees.  Chilly Westerly Hospital loop.  Calves were pretty sore; I can only guess that's from all the running in the snow yesterday.

Friday:  10
Alarm went off at 4AM, but I ended up skipping the 430 Club as I was feeling quite tired and rundown.  A night of calls from India at 1:50AM followed the next night by Mark's swim meet until 10PM had caught up with me.  In the afternoon, I completely forgot about and blew off a planned swim session with FiveK.  It's probably what Mike B would describe as me "having a senior moment".  I imagine it's all downhill from here, and by next week I'll probably be forgetting where I put my dentures.
On a positive note:  the late night at Mark's swim meet was worth it, as Mark and three of his compadres broke the Westerly High School record in the 4x50 medley relay (Mark swam 50 fly). 
Anyhow, I went out for a nice afternoon 10-miler out to Watch Hill and back on the beach.  Running on the beach in the sun in upper 30s was a nice treat after recent cold snap.

Saturday:  7
Met up with Jonny and Mike B for an easy paced run through the short Mastuxet trails, neighborhood roads and a few mile loop through Champlin Glacier Park trails.  Conversation about Surftown and Pisgah made Jonny's challenge "I'll run your silly race if ..." become increasingly realistic.

Sunday:  7
Super 5K.  Separate write-up to follow shortly.

Weekly totals:
Run:  52 miles
1 Strava CR captured
Spin:  1 x 45 minutes

Finished up January with 232 miles for the month!


  1. That deaf, dumb and blind Gazelle sure plays a mean pinball....especially when he's got MaryJane on his team!

  2. 232 miles, that's an impressive start to 2014!!!

  3. Congratulations to Mark and his teammates!!