Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekly Log 13-Jan to 19-Jan-2014

Race free week!  Hopefully that will equate to getting back to workouts and a long run.

Monday:  9
Usually a rest day for me on Mondays, this Monday I found myself at the Lincoln Y with an hour before Mark's WHS swim meet.  I packed my running clothes and had done some homework online, as well as scouted out Strava segments.  It turns out Lincoln Woods State Park is just down the road, so I headed there and took two segments: a 0.6 mile uphill segment that I ran in 6:20s pace to take the segment from a RI'er that is a follower of Jonny, and next a 2.5 mile loop that I could more comfortably run and take from an out-of-stater (MI).
Nice sight on my run in Lincoln, RI today
Ran fields in Chase Farm Park, originally a farm from early 1800s
How can I pass up an invitation such as this?
The roads in Lincoln Woods State Park were closed to traffic and scenic
Stomping grounds of 3-time Boston Marathoner from RI;
great signage and stone mile markers every 0.5 miles

Tuesday:  9
Morning run:  5.5 miles.  Westerly Hospital loop at 4:30AM with FiveK.  6:56 pace.
Evening workout:  I'm not sure if the local authorities are aware of this, but there is a Torture Chamber inside FiveK's basement.  In all seriousness, Tom in his usual organized manner had a core workout written out, including lunges, squats, "superman", etc.  Couldn't finish all the reps, but really felt it in my abs and back of legs.  I have such a weak core; need to adopt a few of these.
Evening run:  3.5 mile cooldown in the rain from FiveK's house.  6:58 pace.

Wednesday:  16
Morning run:  7 miles solo from the Y through Pawcatuck.  Easy 7:31 pace.
Morning swim:  900 yards freestyle.  First time this year was able to get in a groove.  Proud of myself for getting out there solo.
Evening run:  9 miles total as part of a workout at Hell Field in Weekapaug.  3x800 (2:48, 2:48, 2:48), 3x400 (83, 81, 76), 3x200 (33, 36, 32).

Thursday:  4
Short and easy solo recovery run at sunset.  Misquamicut roads.  8:10 pace.

Friday:  6
4:30 group run with Mike B and FiveK.

Saturday:  21
Morning:  16 miles.  6:30am solo run through Dunn's Corners up to Bradford, 216 South through Charlestown, and Route 1/Shore Road home.  1st long run of the new year; was feeling it on last couple of miles.  When I got out to 216, it started to sleet!  Weird seeing the sleet bounce off my cold legs.  By the time I got home, it had turned to rain.
Afternoon:  5 miles.  Cape Cod Canal paths with Matthew in the pouring rain.  By rights, I had already run enough miles today, but had time to kill waiting for Mark's swim meet to start, so between being in a new place to run plus having Matthew on board, it was a no-brainer to run, weather be damned!

Sunday:  6
20+ mph winds.  Opted for trails for a mid-day run.  Parked at Burlingame Campground; ran much of the Brrr-lingame course.  Ran into Eric Winn out on the trails; he's planning a 50K on Feb 16, from East Beach, North-South Trail, Vin Gormley, Kimball, NST up as far as Burdickville Road, and back.

Weekly accomplishments:
  • 71 total running miles!   That's a PR for me.
  • Ran every day; three of the days with double sessions.  Two 430 Club runs.
  • One running workout.
  • 2 new Strava CRs.
  • 1/2 mile in the pool.
  • Core strength session.



  1. Lincoln Woods is a cool spot, I used to head up there a couple times a week to rock climb. Nice job on the Hell Field session, looks like everybody had intervals in mind today!

  2. I'm assuming you got the segment from the Michigander? One of my girlfriends has a similar torture chamber in her basement and stands there with a stop watch (on Monday nights) and drills those of us who dare to show up... fun stuff!!

    1. Was wondering what you call someone from MI. Yes, I got the segment. I figure it's too far for Galoob's lunch break, but maybe Rhody Seth will head out there during lunch to take it.

    2. Michigander is appropriate for the whole state. There is a sub segment of the population Yoopers and Trolls, those that live above the Mackinac Bridge or below the bridge, respectively. I'm a Troll... and you may never know when this trivia will come in handy....

  3. Wait. Why are you running more miles than me. Gazelle is gunning for a BIG year!

  4. 32 second 200? You've got some wheels!

  5. Big week! Just another week in the life of a Gazelle I guess.

  6. At 71 miles in one week I'd be curled up weeping, in a fort made of foam rollers, under a blanket woven from old race shirts...good job this week!

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  8. Monster week! I'm getting tired just reading it.