Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Log 6-Jan to 12-Jan-2013

First full week of the new year.  Will have to get my mileage in early to mid-week, as we have Resolution 5K on Sunday.  Some cold weather coming in, but you can't let that stop you.

Monday:  8
4:15AM.  Balmy 49 degrees, although rainy/windy.  Pretty sure I can make a loop around the pond and still catch the morning train; just no dawdling, please.  About 7 minute pace against the wind on Shore Road; 6:40s back on Atlantic Ave.  By the time I reach Weekapaug, you can see sheets of rain moving past in the few places there are street lights.  That's OK; it's all good.  I'm outside and in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in January.  Weird.

Tuesday:  5
Fast-forward 24 hours:  9 degrees and 25 mph winds.  Brrr!  I was confused as to whether to wear a baclava or a balaclava, but fortunately Chris had already been through that conundrum and straightened us out in a recent blog post, complete with pictures.  Next up I hope he's planning on an updated edition with balaclava instructions and etiquette for breathing, spitting, and snot rockets, because I had trouble with all three in my balaclava today.
With the cold and wind, decided to stay away from the ocean today and ran out along the Pawcatuck River, past Westerly Hospital, and back through Rotary Park.  In Rotary Park, I broke through some snow covered ice that I didn't see and dipped both feet in the drink.  Cold!

Wednesday:  7
Late afternoon run.  21 degrees, return to shorts was welcome for my run.  Moonlight Hills.  Picked it up through the run to finish 6:37 average pace.
Evening spin:  45 minute sweaty workout with FiveK.  Started in earnest on a hard workout to the tune of Aerosmith's "Rag Doll"; I find it helps me to get into it when I can relate to the music or at minimum have some familiarity with it.  Seemed like most of the session was out of the saddle.
Post spin:  Stayed at the Y and watched Mark's WHS swim meet against Cranston East.  Mark has been having some trouble with the rods in his arm, so I was especially happy to see him win the backstroke event outright.  Couldn't stop yawning by 9:30PM (past my bedtime; you know old people go to sleep early).

Thursday:  0
Dead tired in the morning, and worked instead on final editing and posting of refreshed track club website for 2014.  WTAC meeting in the evening.  Couldn't fit anything in.

Friday:  11
3:50AM, 16 degrees, pitch dark outside.  Pull the bed sheets up and go back to sleep?  Nah.  Let's go hit the beach!  Ran through Avondale and Watch Hill; jumped onto the beach at East Beach.  Was concerned how I'd see on the rock-studded dirt trail down to the ocean; but half-of it was floodlit due to the construction at Taylor Swift's estate, and the dark parts I just took real slow.  Running along the ocean was great; the water was placid and I could run right next to the water.

Cars seen:  3 (I ran down the middle of major roads; it was like the course was closed for me).
People on beach:  0 (I know; a shocker there)

Afternoon swim:  900 yards for me, much more for FiveK.  Arms really weak, at least that's my excuse for today.  Elise came in as we were wrapping up.  She gave me some tips that my arms were crossing over too far on each reach, and I needed to work on getting them wider for efficiency.  I'll take every tip I can; fodder to work on for next time.

Saturday:  9
Jonny led FiveK and I on this 6:30AM run from his house.  It was about 46 degrees, yet we still hit some slippery icy areas, especially on the power line trails and surrounding roads near Wood River Junction, known to be one of the coldest spots in RI.  Ran the Grassland Mile clockwise; fortunately Jonny resisted the urge to run this Strava segment fast.  Finished up with a good dose of hills.  Also fun to run in different areas, roads or trails, so thanks Jonny for putting this together!

Sunday: 6
Resolution 5K.  Race report to follow shortly.

Weekly mileage total:  46

Happy with my mileage this past week, as well as getting in both a spin and a swim (thanks FiveK!).  Next race up will be Super 5K in three weeks' time, so I'll look forward to some downtime to get more training and miles in.  Also still need to figure out my spring marathon.

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  1. Jeff - the only thing you need to know: what happens in a balaclava stays in a balaclava.