Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Log 30-Dec-2013 to 5-Jan-2014

Happy New Year!  A new year; a new set of goals to get after, including resumption of swimming and cycling.

Monday: 10
Tour of Avondale and Watch Hill. Pushed the pace pretty good for an average 6:42.

Tuesday:  12
New Year's Eve group run in Barn Island.  12 miles, all trails, with Mike B, Jonny, and Nate.  Chilly 16-degree run; had to put the shorts away :(

Wednesday:  5
New Year's Day.  Unplanned progression run with FiveK in the North End:  7:17, 6:36, 6:30, 6:11, 6:00.
Followed up with a 300-yard swim in the Y pool.  Arms sore; I have my work cut out for me.  FiveK kept swimming, while I headed to the sauna:  :)

Thursday: 0
Day off.  1st day taking a break from running in 16 days.

Friday:  7
Triple-workout Friday:
AM:  Snow-shoveling 1.5 hours from Winter Storm "Hercules".  Some spots in driveway bare, and then others with 2-foot drifts.  Felt it in my arms.

Noon:  14-degree run with FiveK and Mike B.  Ran on Weekapaug Sand Trail, where you never knew if your next step was going to be in one inch of snow or one foot.  Tough going.  On the way back, it was brutal running into the wind, especially right at Quonny Breachway where you're totally exposed to the elements.
With Mr "I Hate Winter".  Quick break on our run on Weekapaug
Sand Trail.  (Photo by Tom)

Evening:  45-minute spin class at the Y with FiveK.  Getting back into the saddle was one of the items on my resolution list.  Music was everything from Lady Gaga to even some cool Van Halen.  I want to build up a core base before outdoor biking season starts for me in the spring.  Probably best not to do it on the day before a race (Old Mountain), but I think Old Mountain will be more like a fun run for me, especially given reports of 6" of snow on the trails.

Saturday:  5
Old Mountain 5K.  Just an awesome time in the snow!  Separate write-up forthcoming.

Sunday:  0
A little banged up.  One toe bothering me.  Take a Sunday day off instead of the usual Monday.

Weekly mileage total:  39

Week in review:  Start of the new year.  Really fun week.  Highlights were the OMF 5K, Barn Island group run, and in a strange and perverse way, the Weekapaug Sand Trail group run.  Also great that I actually followed through on starting my 2014 biking and swimming season, although I owe a lot of credit to FiveK on that one.

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