Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Run 4 Kerri

South Kingstown, RI
Sunday, August 2, 2015

Belated and succinct write-up:

Legs still tired from BI Tri the day before, but at least I could sleep in for this one.
Hot as Hades, and very little shade on the course.  Mid-80s and direct sun already at 9am start.

  • Mile 1:  5:42.  A little bit of shade, at least for first 1/2 mile.
  • Mile 2:  5:55.  No more shade.  Passed age-group nemesis Norm Bouthillier.
  • Mile 3:  6:03.  Cards Pond Road open field death march.  I usually don't take water on short races, but I was parched.
  • Mile 4:  5:57.  Uphill neighborhood climb.  Fortunate brief respite of a few sprinklers and hoses.

Finished and felt really ill at finish line, wondering if I should seek medical attention.  OK, good, that feeling only lasted a minute or so.  Now I just have to throw up, so I went over to the woods.  No, that feeling passed as well.  After copious drink and some fruit, started to feel better.  Running in the heat is just not my thing.

Final result:  23:43.  PR by 9 seconds, despite the nasty heat!  1st place age group (of 48).  28th overall (of 519).  Final results here.

Biggest disappointment: they didn't have the water hydrant shower running this year!
Stacked start

Baking in the sun just before finish.
May my death be merciful.
Done at last.  23:45 net; 23:43 chip.

Today's WTAC crew, minus Woolley, who split.

Age group champs!  New PRs for both.

Odd assortment of loot for age group prizes.

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