Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Log 3-Aug to 9-Aug-2015

Monday:  0

9 miles.  5 miles at lunch with an ocean dip (benefit of working in-town).  Evening tacked on a 4-miler local road run with Matthew.
Freak storm in the early morning broke at least 4 trees in my yard.
I'll be busy with the chainsaw for a while.

8 miles.  Blue Heron Trail, Dedham, MA, before work.

8 miles.  Morning Rockridge 5-mile loop with Matthew; evening barefoot beach run 3-miler at Sachuest Beach, Middletown, awaiting Mark's lifeguard games competition to start (I don't "sit" well).

10 miles.  5 mile Woody Hill run at lunch.  Damned deer flies are still out there.  Kill count 3.  Pumpkins course needs some minor maintenance, but nothing a combination of a pair of lopping shears and an ordinary weed-whacker can't handle.  Let's wait 'til the deer flies die off later in the month, and then also tackle cleaning up the tires and TV.
Closed out the day with 5 more at Groton Fun Runs with Matthew and Jana, and even a BLS sighting!

31 miles.  Thanks to Mike and Tom for being flexible in route; we rode the Rhode Warrior Olympic course (Tom is doing Olympic course; I'm doing the Half again).  Plan next Saturday is to ride the entire half course.
5-mile barefoot beach run at low tide with Matthew and his friend.  Matthew kept up; his friend didn't.

8 miles.  Bobby Doyle Summer Classic USATF Championships.  Really cool race with insane competition.  Write-up forthcoming.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0 miles.   Not wise with Rhode Warrior creeping up soon, but a time/life balance issue.
31 miles.
48 miles. Tough to get it all in, but I do want my weekly mileage north of 50 through the fall months.

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