Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekly Log 10-Aug to 16-Aug-2015

11 miles.  Victory Day holiday.  Went out for an intended 6-8 miles or so, but was really enjoying the morning run, and continued out on the beach towards Watch Hill.

20 miles. Solo ride through Charlestown beaches and back.
6 miles.  Final Stonington Fun Run :(    Rainy run, but good to be out there.

8 miles.  5 in the morning in Needham.  3 more at Fun Run.  18:33.  HHH

6 miles.  Woody Hill trail run with Matthew.  Showed Matthew the full Pumpkins course to be.  I think he is only the second one besides Muddy that I've shown the full trail including the pine forest section.  More overgrown than I would like, although much better than a year ago when first set the course.  Will need at least one, but likely two, passes with a weed-whacker and pruning shears.

0.5 miles.  Final group swim of the summer for me.  Tom, Steve, Duda, and a few women preparing for tris. One of my more disappointing swim seasons; I really must put forth a better plan for next year.
9 miles.  3 barefoot on the beach with Tom post-swim.  6 miles in the evening with Matthew at our final Groton Fun Run of the year.

58 miles.  My longest ride ever.  Rode fairly hard on the entire Rhode Warrior course with Tom and Dave Silva.  No stops.
3 miles.  Nighttime headlamp run with Matthew.

13 miles.  10 mile barefoot beach run with Matthew.  Legs still sore from the ride; couldn't keep up with him at all.  Ocean dip at the end felt heavenly.  Repeatedly dove under water to cool the body.  Finished up with a 3-mile hot evening run with Matthew.  OK, the legs are now officially toast.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.5 miles.  
78 miles.
57 miles. Great week of running and riding!

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