Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekly Log: 27-Jul to 2-Aug-2015

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  Double goose-egg.  Had intentions of getting up at 4 before a long day in Boston, but just didn't happen.  I guess my 4:30 Club days are gone.

3 miles.  Westerly Fun Runs.  18:46.  Dying out there in the heat.

8 mile morning humid run with Matthew.  Saw FiveK midway out on his bike.

6 miles.  Groton Fun Runs (Bluff Point State Park).  Easy pace run with Josh.

0.5 miles.  Block Island Triathlon.  Separate write-up forthcoming.
13 miles.
5 miles.

5 miles.  Run 4 Kerri.  Separate write-up forthcoming.

Weekly Mileage Log:
0.5 miles.   
13 miles.
27 miles. Lightest week of running since April, but to be expected with second consecutive double-race weekend.  Should revert to a little more normal next week, but need to ramp up biking especially with Rhode Warrior just 3 weeks away now.

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