Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Log 17-Aug to 23-Aug-2015: End of Tri Season

Monday: 0

5 miles.  Battle of Stonington.  See separate write-up.

8 miles.  5 easy in the morning in Needham, and 3 in the evening at Westerly Fun Run.

3 miles.  Trail fail in the humidity in Woody Hill, swarmed by filthy insects.

5 miles.  High Noon HHH run on Rhode Warrior course.  Uggh.  Bring on cooler drier weather.

7 miles.  Road loop with Matthew.

1.8 miles.   Rhode Warrior Half Ironman.  Report forthcoming shortly.
58 miles.
14 miles

Weekly Mileage Log:
1.8 miles.   
58 miles.
43 miles. Tri season comes to end.  Will keep riding until October, with potentially two duathlons coming up.  Need to figure out my fall running plans as well.

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