Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weekly Log 1-May to 7-May-2017: Texas Adventures

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  5
Was so happy that my two airline companions were Absent and
Invisible.  They were nice guys that were really quiet the whole
flight and didn't even mind that I put my feet up on them.

Cool airline entertainment system.  Punched in some Stones,
Aerosmith, even The Knack.  Remember The Knack?
Grapevine, TX.  86 degrees and sunny in the late afternoon.  Welcome to Texas.
Arid and hot.  Got sunburned.
Inside the atrium of my hotel,
where I ate dinner Tuesday.
Yeah, it all looks nice and clean, but my
gripe is it's all fake, kind of like Disney.  I
guess you go to Disney expecting fake,
but when I'm in wild Texas, set me out on the
real trails in the real outdoors and I'm happy.

Wednesday:  24!
AM:  8 miles in Horseshoe Trails Park.  The local roads are mostly cement, so I wasn't into an out and back, but wanted to get to this trail system.  The solution:  Uber!  This was my foray to Uber.  I'm sure you've all used Uber, and my 18-year old raves about it, but I'm not exactly an early adopter  (how many others out there are driving a 12-year old car with manual transmission?).  It was really cool, efficient, and cheap!  You follow the driver's approach on their app, electronic notification when 1-minute away, you know and pay the price in advance, and it was only $5.95!
Very fun mountain bike trails through the woods.
PM:  16 miles on the Northshore Trail (actually 11 miles on the twisty trail, followed by 5 not-so-fun miles on busy cement roads)
11 miles of single-track, much right along Lake Grapevine.

The red clay soil in Texas is something unique that
we don't have in New England.

Thursday:  5
Recovery on local roads and trails in Katie's Woods.

Friday:  7
Final run in Texas.  3 miles of roads ran fairly hard, followed by trails at Katie's Woods.  Easily took a CR on a 1.7 mile road segment.  Ran it in 5:58 pace to hopefully hold it a bit longer, as who knows if and when I'll ever return to Grapevine, Texas.
Cool waterfowl early in the morning

Very fun running along the lake in my final Texas run

At the airport for the trip home.
My kind of place to eat.  Yeah, not.
While not everyone's cup of my tea, this is more my pace:
Finishing up my trip report,
while enjoying sushi and a glass of wine.

Saturday:  10
After arriving home from Texas at 2am after an aborted landing at Green Airport and diversion to Logan Airport, I was just happy to be on solid ground and looking for a morning run.  While I had initially contemplated running 7 Sisters, between insufficient training and arriving home so late, that just would not have worked out.

Instead, met up with Jonathan Short for a pre-arranged trail running from Roaring Brook in Arcadia.  I had never been here and really enjoyed the single-track he led me on, in spite of the drizzly weather that had turned into a pretty steady rain by the time we finished.
The aptly name Roaring Brook was the start of our run.
Really fun trails.

Sunday:  9
Solo Chariho mixer.  3 miles roads (mainly Switch Road), before a couple of miles in Carolina North (out Laurel, back Pony Express), and finished up in Carolina South (some twisty yellow-blazed trail through young white pines, then NST).  Ran the last mile in a fast 6:23.  I think that's a good thing to run final miles hard when you're tired.

Weekly mileage:  61

Weekly synopsis:   Interesting and fun diversion to run in Texas!  Super happy with the mileage.

61 miles!  Psyched.

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  1. Nice week! I've never used Uber, excellent use of the service, I'll have to remember that trick!