Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly Log 8-May to 14-May-2017: Mud, Ticks, & Block Island

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  8
'Round the pond run.  Nice, cool 39 degree run.  6:58 pace.

Wednesday:  12
AM:  Solo 7-mile CW run from Wahaneeta up to Bradford Preserve, back via and around the Woody Hill Marsh.  Many waterfowl in the pond.  Didn't even try to traverse the broken up beaver dam, and just forded the knee deep river.
PM:  5-mile Ninigret run with Matthew on the bike path and gravel trails.  Easy and flat.  This was just after seeing an orthopedic specialist for him and him getting cleared for at least easy running while awaiting an MRI and PT.  Hopefully on the road to recovery.

Thursday:  5
Midday run on Barn Island.  90% single-track, 100% fun.

Friday:  6
Copp Family Park, Groton, CT.  First visit here.  Started off on manicured double-track, moved onto very steep, technical single-track, followed by twisty trails through dense rhododendron, fields where the smell of honeysuckle was overpowering, and plenty of mud and slop.  Got myself disoriented a bit; would like to come back here at some point.
Pulled out one of these nasty
varmints that was well entrenched
in my leg.

Mud galore

Fortunately there was a stream near the finish of my run,
which I waded into to get some of the mud off before getting back into the car.
Saturday:  9
Shad Bloom 10K.  Block Island.  Great race!  Write-up to follow shortly.

Sunday:  8
Sakonnet Greenway Trail, Middletown.  Drizzly rain, flooded fields, muck and mud.  At the start of the run, Matthew and I were just splashing through soaked soft grass trails, making it hard to get any traction.  We were thinking of turning back when after 1/4 mile or so we got into sections that were much more passable.  We certainly hit many more flooded and mud sections, but there were also quite a few trail sections that were passable.  Absolutely not another person out here today.

Weekly mileage:  49

Weekly synopsis:  After two consecutive 60+ mileage weeks, a drop in mileage was bound to happen, especially with a race this week.  I'm really enjoying these higher mileage weeks and am just getting out there and having fun.  While I do miss catching up with marathon training partner Tommy, I don't miss the pressure of marathon training at all.  I think my next road race is 2 1/2 months away (Blessing), so I'll run roads periodically, but will definitely be on the trails more.  Enjoying it, and it will help me building up to nearer term trail races.

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