Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Log 22-May to 28-May-2017

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  7
Early morning run in Woody.  Running past the dam, heard a loud splash in the water and looked over to see a large beaver splashing and swimming!  Stopped for a while to watch him frolic.

The good news is that the dam is passable now; the bad news is that it's only because the water level of the pond is quickly draining.

Wednesday:  16
AM:  11 miles.  Hale Reservation and Noanet Woodlands, Dover, MA.  Finally was able to traverse both parcels.  Opens up a lot of opportunities for longer single-track runs for me.
PM:  5 miles.  Technical single-track at Yawgoog. 

Ran CCW around Yawgoog Pond
Dicey flooded water crossing

A number of rock scrambles on the east side of
Yawgoog Pond

Don't slip here!  It's a long steep ways down.

Fun rock jumping.

Thursday:  13
AM:  8 miles local roads.  Light rain and tight legs.
PM:  5 miles at Woody Hill North.  Drizzly, wet, and muddy.

Friday:  8
AM:  6 in Hopkinton Grills, with a dash into Westerly side to run Blue Trail CCW.  Totally flooded, but fun.  Along the Blue Trail, started the Memorial Day weekend with visiting the grave of Revolutionary War soldier Mr. Hiscox.  Based on the markers and dates on his grave, it looks like he fought at age 15.
PM:  2 miles "Gas Can Run" from Bradford Preserve to the upper field to fuel and mow the XC trail, and back.  Jonny later reported that I was seen running into the woods carrying a gas can.  An arsonist?  No, just that weird old guy that hangs out in Woody Hill so much.

Saturday:  10
Was already planning to run early in Woody with Jonathans Short and Hammett.  Then we get an e-mail that Chris Garvin would be in town for the weekend, and the group grew to nine!  Most of the group split off from us after four miles due to time commitments, not wanting to run more than six, rolled ankle, whatever, and Muddy, Jonathan Short, and I forged on to the rock ledges in the northeast corner, then watched the beaver swim, visited the stone fort before wrapping up ten miles of trails.  Great day!  So happy to see so many came out.
The gang is all here.

Happy to see so many come out.

Sunday:  7
Big River run with Matthew and Aaron.  Single-track fun.  Really enjoy these twisty trails.

Weekly Mileage:  61

Weekly Synopsis:  Another 60+ week!  Super happy with the mileage levels and how I've been feeling on runs lately.  The weather helped this past week, with the temps mainly in the 50s and 60s.

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