Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Log 24-Apr to 30-Apr-2017: Big Mileage Week into State Police 5K

Monday: 8
Li'l Rhody course in reverse.  Slow recovery run.  As I was finishing up, I passed an older gentlemen who recognized me and said, "Thank you for everything you and the Westerly Track & Athletic Club do for running."  Great way to finish up a run!

Tuesday:  6
With a chilly-ish (that's a word, right?) light morning rain, opted just to stay local and ran roads.  Got an enthusiastic call-out from Steve Schonning on East Ave.  That helped my mood, as my hands never really got warm in the rain in the upper 40s.

Wednesday:  6
Continuing my transition from the marathon to trail races, it's time to put some effort in. Bummed that Big River is canceled this year, I had thought about swapping Seven Sisters in instead. But as pointed out to me, I haven't been training for mountainous trails and I wouldn't be content to just finish it; I would want to do well.  So, no Seven Sisters, at least not this year, but let's start to get ready for other hills / mountain races coming up.
3 trips up Wilson Mountain
will hopefully be part of a training
regimen to make a stronger trail runner
out of me

Sign of a good trail run:
Mud splattered everywhere
Finished out the day with a 15-mile bike ride.  First of the season.

Thursday:  5
Noon time run and puddles run in the Westerly Town Forest.  Power lines section was mostly dry, but the red trail was flooded out.  Had fun running through it.

Evening swim at the Y with Matthew.  500 easy yards.  Arms sore.  I am an upper body weakling.

Friday:  14
AM:  11 mile run in rural Richmond, Hopkinton, and Exeter.  About 5 miles of the run were on dirt roads.  I really enjoyed Blitzkrieg Trail, which is essentially a single-lane dirt road through the forest for about three miles.
PM:  3 miles in my new racing flats, NB 1400 v2.  I typically buy shoes that are already discontinued, as you can buy them about half off retail.  I have no expectations going into Sunday's 5K, but felt better at least run in the shoes pre-race.

Saturday:  13
Solo trail run meandering through Burlingame, including the Burlingame Trail into Kettle Pond trails, Camp Watchaug, Sammy C's, North Camp, VG, and NST back to the campground parking lot.  Very warm and humid.
Vile creature that I pulled off my leg.
Tick season has returned.

Sunday:  7
RI State Police 5K.  Race report to follow.

Weekly mileage:
 1/4 mile.  Good to get started!
 15 miles.  Likewise, first time on the bike this year.
  61 miles!

Weekly synopsis:
Super happy with this one!  Of course, 61 miles barely got me into 3rd place on the WTAC leaderboard, but me, two weeks after a marathon, I'm feeling great and enjoying running.  Happy to also get in a first swim and ride of the year.  As I mentioned on last week's post, my summer focus will be on trail runs, but I'll also be looking to get in at least a couple of sprint tris.

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