Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekly Log 15-May to 21-May-2017: Heat and Frass

Coming off a great race on Block Island, I would like to get in another trail race soon, but my guess is my next one will be Back Road Ramble on June 11.

Monday:  6
Roads in Watch Hill, reasonably fast.  Took a 3.8 mile CR that had been out there for 4 years and was held by someone from San Fran.

Tuesday:  5
Returned to Westerly Grills for the first time since they re-opened due to the forestry initiative.  Very disappointing.  The better parts of the preserve are still closed, and much of the open parts, save the blue trail, are swampy and overgrown.  Also coming into the season of frass dropping out of the trees.

The only positive on the run was a massive turtle crossing the trail, and of course, I didn't have my phone on me to take a pic.

Wednesday:  13
AM:  7 miles in Hale Reservation, Dover, MA.  I took a wrong turn and serendipitously "discovered" some really fun single-track that eliminates a dirt road portion.
PM:  6 miles in Big River.  86 nasty degrees.  Running shirtless did not help.  Kept the pace easy to offset the heat.  Fun twisty single-track, including Lego and Foster's Folly.

Thursday:  11
Early morning super-humid run in B'game.  Happy to get it in before a long work day, but not enjoying this weather.

Friday:  5
Back to B'game for a run on the old BRR course, before the final BRR prep meeting.  By 9am, it was mid-70s and humid and I was wilting on the final mile in the open sun on Sanctuary Road.  Got back to Camp Watchaug and promptly dove under water at Watchaug Pond.  Refreshing.

In the evening, went out for drinks with colleagues.  We sat outside along the river, which should be nice, but it felt hot, and I complained about the frass on the table.  Not a single one of the eight or so colleagues had any idea what frass is.  I rephrased it as "caterpillar sh%t" and they got it.

Saturday:  12
Six easy on the long course with fellow BRR committee member Sergio.  Followed up by six in Burlingame North, plus Sammy Cs, VG back, and Lenny Lane.  Ran on a real sketchy connector trail from NST in Burlingame North back to Buckeye Brook Road; otherwise good trails.  Picked a big tick off my leg.

Sunday:  7
Groton Cross Town Trail with Matthew.  Ran CCW from Haley to get the road section out of the way first.  Second time running this; didn't need to stop as many times to try to figure out the route.  Finished up with some fun twisty single-track in Haley.

Weekly mileage:  59

Weekly synopsis:  Really happy with this mileage.  3 out of the past 4 weeks have been at or about 60 miles.  One road run, and seven trail runs.

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  1. I've never heard of the term "frass" and I'm pretty sure you just made it up.