Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Resolution 5K: The short version

January 3, 2016
Narragansett, RI

One of my 2016 goals should have been to write more timely race reviews.  I was going to delay writing my Resolution 5K race report until I had chance to read Mikey B's write-up of the race, but then again, I might be dead by then.  At more than one week in arrears now, some of the details from the 2016 edition of Resolution 5K have now been purged from my few remaining brain cells.  Hence, the short and sweet version:

Perhaps a record 33 WTAC runners came out on this sunny day to start their resolutions.  You can see the full listing at the updated Team WTAC page.  While not a cold morning with temps wafting into the 40s, the wind gusts of up to 30 mph would make for some challenging headwinds on the return.
Beautiful, sunny, but oh so windy day.

Mile 1:  The first 1/2 mile or so heads southerly directly into the wind.  I did what I could to get directly behind some of the front-runners, especially Jonny and Jackman, in a perhaps futile attempt to block the wind.  Fortunately, we were only in the headwind for about 3 minutes.  Passed Seth on the way out, and then just at the turnaround I got passed by Muddy and another runner.  Passed one runner on the return to the pavilion and finished up Mile 1 for my fastest on the day in 5:57.
Start of 2016 race - photos by Jana.
(I'm behind Jonny and on Jackman's left shoulder)

On the way out to the 0.5 mile turnaround.

Almost a mile in.  Being chased by the guy in gray.

Mile 2:  I could hear a runner just behind me as we finished up the beach section.  Didn't know if it was Seth coming after me or another runner, as I never looked back.  One downside to a relatively warm day meant the deeper sand heading away from the beach was softer and slower than frozen sand in recent years.  Pretty uneventful section for the rest of the mile with a little bit of tarmac on Ocean Road before a wide crushed stone trail section of Black Point.  6:08.

Mile 3:  The hardest and slowest mile.  Heading once again southward, we were back into the wind.  Some of the trail alongside the ocean was protected from the wind; in other parts you were running full into it.  In addition to the wind, an obstacle this year was the mud.  Some places were so slippery I was afraid I was going down; tried to run on little mounds of grass where I could.  Running through the stone house is always a trip; fortunately figuratively not literally.  Scott Mason was there snapping some of his amazing pics.  Exiting the stone house brought us full bore into the headwind.  I could hear someone behind me again, but fortunately held him off.  Felt like I was running 10-minute pace; final mile ended up being a 6:28.
Near the end of the race.  Still being chased by the guy in gray, and the
swirling sand.

Final steps.  Glad to be done.

Final results:  9th out of 164, 1st in age group.  19:08.  Full results here.

Finished up the day with a 2-mile cool-down with newer WTAC members Jeff Huckle, Sean McDonald, and Eric Dauphinais, then collected my award of a bag of chocolate truffles (they didn't last long!).

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