Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Log 18-Jan to 24-Jan-2015: Snow at Last!

Started off the week with an inch or so of snow, followed by 10" at end of week.  My kind of winter weather!

Monday:  6
First of many Champlin trails runs this week.  Fun running on snow-covered trails.

Tuesday:  0
Sick.  Good day for a day off.

Wednesday:  0
I seldom take a double-zero, and there's no reason I can't run with a bad head cold, but I just have no energy or motivation today.

Thursday:  18
Back at it with an unintended triple, kind of:
AM 10 miler around the pond, plus a little extra.  Slow and sluggish, but I'm out there.
Noon 2 miler showing Elise the potential new WHS XC course. 
PM 6 miler at Champlin.  Joined many Land Trust members for a #DStrong pic at Charlie's Overlook, then continued in the trails until dark.
I'm in the back row clad in orange.  Think I was supposed to wear blue, but
I'm not the only who failed on that request.  I'm also the only one wearing shorts,
but you can't tell that here.

Friday:  0
Poor planning on my part.  No other excuse.  Disappointing.

Saturday:  21
AM 16 Miler.  4 easy, 8 targeted at MP, 4 easy.  Matthew joined me for the middle 10 miles.  My 8 middle ranged from 6:49 down to 6:07.  A bit all over the map, but with an average of 6:26, pretty close.  Finished as the snow was starting to stick to the secondary roads.
PM 5 Miler.  Working indoors starting on my taxes, was just itching to get outside in the snowstorm.  Very slow going in Champlin, with most of it in 8" of virgin snow.

Sunday:  5
Sore from shoveling 10" and yesterday's runs.  Drove to and ran from Bradford with Matthew.  Ran a number of snow-covered roads I had never been on before.  Popped into Woody Hill for a bit, but the roughly foot deep of virgin snow proved a bit too strenuous for today.  Good run to end the week.

Weekly totals:
Run: 50

Synopsis:  Happy that I got to 50, but not the inconsistent manner in which I achieved it.  Taking 3 days off from running in a week does not a successful marathon plan make.  Let's move on and have more consistent weeks going forward.

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  1. Good moral "Let's move on and have more consistent weeks going forward." Awesome week packed into a few days. Hope you are feeling better.