Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Log 11-Jan to 17-Jan-2016: Week 18

This week starts my 18-week marathon training plan.  Not that I'll follow it to a T, as you never what life and weather throw at you, but I'll try to hue pretty close.

A nice e-mail from Strava.  I like this feature.

A not so nice e-mail from Strava.
(Page Hill Road Climb in Tamworth, NH; I probably won't be taking this one back anytime soon.)

Monday:  7
Lincoln Woods run.  Was at Lincoln Y for Mark's high school swim meet, and almost across the street lie trails leading to Lincoln Woods State Park.  Took a wrong turn on a trail running onto private property and soon had 3 German Shepherds running towards me with their owner yelling at me.  Yikes!
After getting my bearing, the rest of my run was uneventful, but fun, with a run around the lake on road tarmac and twisty single-track bike trails.

Tuesday:  9
Went into this planned training run a little cocky, and came out humbled.  Plan called for 9 miles with 4 miles in the middle at Half Marathon Pace.  Despite the HMP 4-mile section being almost entirely on flat Atlantic Avenue, I really struggled with this one.  To be fair, as Muddy pointed out, my HMP is about 6:10 and I ran splits of 6:13, 6:08, 6:04, and 5:57.  Tough and honest effort.

Wednesday:  5
Road / trail snow-covered mix in Needham, MA.

Thursday:  0
Day of rest.

Friday:  10
Sunrise ocean run.  Amazing bright-red sunrise as I ran along the ocean on the return home from Watch Hill.

Saturday:  5
After spending the day in New Haven watching Matthew's meet, my legs needed stretching.  Dark run along somewhat busy streets, but made sure to wear fluorescent colors and my headlamp with pulsating lights front and rear.

Sunday:  16
Tom & Shara were kind enough to invite me along.  We started off from Hopkinton Grills with a group on six, including Mike B, Matthew, and Aaron.  After a hill climb up Tomaquag, Tom, Shara, and I split off and headed towards Chariho.  We ran a few trails behind Chariho (Tom's idea, no, seriously!), and then really picked up the pace for the last 4-5 miles.  Miles 11 - 15 included up hills, and Tom and I ran them progressively at 6:49, 6:48, 6:31, 6:19, and 6:14 before regrouping and running in with Muddy for the last mile.  Shara looked really strong out there.  My first "long run" of the season (defined in my training plan as 16 and longer).  Great run!

Weekly mileage total:
Run:  52!

Training week 1 of 18 is in the books.  I tracked pretty close with the plan calling for 54 miles, including a 15-miler, 9-miler w/ 4 @ HMP, and an 11-miler.

As now visible on our refreshed WTAC website,
our awesome club logged nearly 100 runs and over 600 miles this past week!


  1. Great week Jeff! Thank you for being brightly lit and visible! I went out Sat a.m. in the rain and gray and the gals were not brightly colored, I held my tongue on lecturing them and hoped my bright green shirt and hat helped the four of us stand out in the dreary gray and rain.

  2. Looks like you're off to a good start this season!