Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Log 25-Jan to 31-Jan-2016: Solid Week - Snow Runs and Hill Runs

Monday:  0
600 yard swim.  Struggled with this, even at such a short distance.

Tuesday:  11
Morning:  6 miler, mostly on Beach and Elm.
Noontime:  5 miles in deep snow at 50 degrees!  This one was fun!  The snow was melting fast, but still a lot left from the weekend's snowstorm.
Running in Woody Hill
over established snowmobile tracks

Tranquility of a snow-covered
stream in the woods

Wednesday:  8
Matthew convinced me to run at 4:50am.  Besides being dark, it also started raining along the run.  Raw!
Went for a Noontime spin class that Polly hosts, although unfortunately Polly was ill and away.  Not the same.

Thursday: 5
Coyote Chase run.  Ran out of daylight deep in Woody Hill.  I heard howling coyotes behind me, and got a little freaked out when their sound seemed closer to me than the last time.  Picked up the pace, but it was tough navigating the single-track in pitch darkness and stepped right into a stream before twice running off the trail into brush.  Pretty scraped up.  Glad to finish this run.

Friday:  8
To Watch Hill via roads, and returned home via the beach.

Saturday:  15
Not my longest run this year, but certainly my toughest with just about 1,000 feet of elevation.  Ran from Tom's house in Weekapaug out to Bradford School via the Charlestown hills. Group of 4 with Tommy, Shara, Mikey, and me.  Started out in mid 7s, but Tom and I really pushed the pace on the back half even with the hills, with 6 of the last 7 miles being sub-7, and a few of those sub 6:30.

Sunday:  11
AM Run 1:  5 miles solo local roads.  Ran last 1/2 mile with Schonning and Duda.
AM Run 2:  6 miles Wahaneeta / Woody trails with Matthew.  Gave him a preview of intended Wahaneeta Trail 5K course and asked his input on a few features.  Added in a couple of miles in Woody, and finished with 4 x 150 progressive sprints.
Wahaneeta Cabin:  hope we can use this for registration

Parts of the race will be technical

Weekly Mileage Totals:
Run:  59 (biggest mileage week since July!)
Bike:  1 45-minute spin
Swim:  0.3

Weekly Synopsis:
Really happy with this week!  Not only did I hit my target mileage (58) but unlike last week, I achieved it in a consistent and well planned out manner.  Highlights were the snow trail run and the 15-miler hill run.


  1. I like the synopsis! The Wahaneeta trail looks interesting.

    1. Thanks Beth! Just added the synopsis for this week, and will try to keep it going. We still need final approval, but I'm really optimistic about the Wahaneeta Trail 5K.

  2. Jeff-great post and week of training. I also enjoyed the photos. Still waiting for your update in the 2016 events section though!!

    1. Tommy, just added the 2016 events section to my blog. Thanks for the prodding and reminder!